Vee Mampeezy's Passion To Grow Back Continues

He wants to give a house away

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He has been doing the most as one of the most prominent celebrity in the country and how he managed to push through the odds and has finally become one of the most self styled celebrities in the country. This is why he has attracted controversies over years and has also attracted public scrutiny.

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He recently took to social media explaining how people always abuse him every chance they get and pulling him down always. Which is why he finds it very difficult to relate with such people because they have huge expectations on him.

Whether or not Vee Mampeezy is always misunderstood or not, this does not change the fact that he is the most bullied artist in Botswana. The Kwaito star was recently accused for sabotaging A.T.I’s One Man Show in Francistown. He was called selfish and called out for failing to raise a single artist. The ‘Rea dumalana’ hit maker saw Batswana coming to him with guns blazing after making claims that he can do better than the ‘Khiring Khorong’ hit maker.

The allegations of sabotaging A.T.I came after Vee Mampeezy and Franco decided to host shows on the same day when A.T.I was hosting his One Man Show in Francistown. However, Vee Mampeezy to his defense shared screen shots of the tickets he bought to support A.T.I’s show. Even so, social media still went abuzz and accused him for being self-centered and failing to support other artist and upcoming artists.

He was also called off for supporting Makhadzi and always being at the fore each and everytime the Venda star is here to make shows in Botswana. A gesture he was accused for failing to show when

 A.T.I was performing but rather opted to host his show instead. When he mentioned that he can’t wait to host his own show to demonstrate how it’s done, Batswana went berserk and swore to boycott his show. One of the artist who grew under Vee Mampeezy's Black Money Makers Mingo, also shared with his followers that Vee Mampeezy is not what people think he is. Hinting that the star might be having many skeleton hidden in his closet.

"BUILDING AND GIVING BACK A HOUSE. I have a dream I can see all upcoming artists are happy and it gives  me joy  ,But I'm still not full filled in my heart, because we can't bring 20 thousand people in a platform and get all the money for ourselves ,

yes we are buying a SEVEN SEATER CAR but I don't feel it's enough, because that's a lot of money  we need to do more, SO I HAVE DECIDED TO USE THE PLATFORM ALSO TO RAISE MONEY TO BUILD A HOUSE FOR A DESTITUTE / KANA MOTLHOKI WHO WE HAVE IDENTIFIED ,GOD HELP US 
I HAVE A DREAM. we will keep u posted."
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