Vee Mampeezy To give Upcoming Artists A Chance

He is being supportive to his people

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There are only a few celebrities in the country who have done relatively well in their music careers. One of the reasons some artists are not making it and we are always seeing the same faces in the limelight is the fact that artists in Botswana are not supporting one another hopefully this will change.

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This is one of the many reasons why this industry will always be dominated by the same people while rising talents rise and vanish from the
music scene. There are a lot of promising artists who came and disappeared from the world of music.

Vee Mampeezy as established as he is in his career, he has been pointed out on many occassions for failing to supporting upcoming artists and for being selfish and self centered. It seemed kwaito kwasa star Mingo had a mouthful to say about Vee Mampeezy and how he has failed rising artists.

Mingo is one of the artists in the country who have benefitted from Vee Mampeezy from the time be stepped into the music. He accused Vee Mampeezy for failing to support his own people and always putting him self first.

Fans were happy this Morning when Vee Mampeezy shared that he has more than willing to assist upcoming artists. Something which has been long overdue.

"This year I want go give upcoming artists the biggest platform ever, I wanna see them perform Before crowd of 20 thousand people, I wanna give one of them and opportunity to make a song with me ,I believe the main reason why its always Franco ,VEE ,ATI and Charma Girl up there ,

it is because upcoming artists have not been given a real chance, lets see what happens if we open this doors put them in a flyer like real artists, in my early years I gave the now then upcoming artists platforms who are now big artists like ESKIMOS, EXODUS, MINGO, FIGOS, ZOLASKO, CAPTAIN DIRA, NAISE BOY, THE LATE DRAMA BOY just to mention a few. For me to win again; m gonna need u guys as the AUDIENCE,

to help me details will follow next week ❗����. #kingofAfrica #elion."

All the best to all those who will be selected to benefit from Vee Mampeezy & attempt to reach out and his heart to desire to reach out to his fellow artists in the media.

This is what is meant by supporting your own . It seems the star has taken this initiative quite seriously as he has also decided to get a car
for anyone who will perform better the rest.

SEATER CAR �� �� ����‍♂️❗One Of the main thing u need to be an established artist is transport ,t
why I will like to support the best performing upcoming artist in the platform of 20k people that will i
give them, by buying them a 7 seater car �� �� ����❤#KingOfAfrica E lion ��." He shared
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