Unstoppable Ineeleng Kavindama!

This is what people don't know about her

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She has made herself a name in the world of fashion as a former model and fashion icon. Kavindama is also a business woman with a boutique in Molapo Crossing. She also has some vintage cars for photo shoots, bookings and wedding. She wears many hats and one of the women who have raised the bar in the world of fashion and style.

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The Okavango native has also recently debuted her beverage also known as Kathiku Beverages. This beverage has been the finest in the world of beverages. It is currently trending in the country and has also attracted the eye of local celebrities. Kathiku beverages which is tribute to her home village has also featured in Latty’s Youtube Smash or Pass show. It has been advertised by brands like Freddie Pro, who is a musician and a social butterfly.

She is also known for rocking a show worth P60 000, one the news that broke the internet and left many tongues wagging. Kavindama is an apologetic fashion star. The star has cemented herself as one of the most powerful and unstoppable women.

She has recently emerged victorious in her battle with Tawana Land Board for a piece of land in the Okavango Delta.  According to Weekendpost the entrepreneur, Kavindama had applied for a camp site in the Okavango Delta in 2003, but her application was rejected in 2008 by the Tawana Land Board without reasons advanced. Kavindama then took the matter with the Maun Land Tribunal. 

“The land board latter indicated that the allocation could not happen because the envisaged land fell within the RAMSAR site, an intentionally protected area as per Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, and that there was a freeze on allocation in the area. 

The land tribunal, however, found that Tawana Land Board did not consult Kavindama before arriving at the decision and therefore remitted the matter back to the Land Board for reconsideration within four months (from December 2018). 

The Land Board failed to comply with the court order for nearly three years (2018 - 2021).” Reports said.

“In August 2021, Tawana Land Board made a resolution indicating that Kavindama will be allocated a camp site at NG 12 and that the coordinates will be communicated to her within one month. 

The Landboard once again failed to execute its own resolution, compelling Kavindama to seek Land Tribunal intervention. 

On Tuesday this week, President of the Land Tribunal Tebogo Masala ordered Tawana Land Board to communicate the coordinates of available land with Kavindama to choose, within one month. 

The final order comes after waiting for nearly 19 years from 2003.”

She has rubbed some inspiration on a lot of people. Despite the fact that she was born with a silver spoon, she never focused on the family fortune and has solely raised above circumstances and made herself a name. Her name is no stranger to many people and has travelled the world such as Dubai and many other reputable countries. She is indeed a girl on a mission and she is unstoppable.

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