Uncle Waffles Tweet May Have Opened A Can Of Worms

Daniel Kenosi will always have something to say

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There seems to be no end in sight with drama towards Mzansi's popular DJ Uncle Waffles. Just last week the DJ was in a battlefield with social media when they put her sexual orientation under scrutiny.

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The popular and famous DJ had to come to social media to put an end to the rumors that spread like wildfire surrounding her rumored sexual orientation. Following a picture that was taken of Uncle Waffles with some of her cross-dressing friends, immediately it was rumored that Uncle Waffles was also transgender. As if fighting Twitter was not enough, Uncle Waffles had Botswana's Daniel Kenosi to deal with too.

"Anyway, re kopa mongwe o sebete ka di 30 ko MolapoX a pagame stage a re bontshe nnete. Ne re ka Roma Banks Kagelelo Kentse jaanong o taabo a apola batho ko Khama as a Presidential Initiative. O ne a ka re apolela Uncle Waffles ko Molapo" wrote Daniel Kenosi

Uncle Waffles tweet might have been the reason why she found herself being scrutinized especially by Daniel Kenosi. This was a tweet she wrote few days her performnce in Botswana this past weekend. In the tweet, Uncle Waffles put a middle finger while talking about Botswana.

"Uncle Waffles SAYS NONKE!! Wa le roga malome. Waitse Ekare Francistown nkabo ele Gaborone. Lona le soft thata ko GC. Mzambiya o itse Francistown thaaata!!" wrote Daniel Kenosi

Under Daniel Kenosi's comments, fans and followers have continued to lash out at Uncle Waffles while calling him a 'man' even though she has come forward to put the transgender rumors to sleep. Social media won't let Uncle Waffles breath and rumor has it she did not even pitch for her performance that was supposed to take place in Botswana this past weekend.

Fans have continued to bash Uncle Waffles while calling all her all sorts of names and the war is still underway as Daniel Kenosi also continues to put salt into the wound.

Benah Kobotwe wrote "Mme ke wena Dan!ke wena oirileng"

Pearl Kelebo Kenosi Jackson wrote "Motho ga ikgantshitse gre o nale mae wa mmona ako o mpolelle gre nna ke rogelwan selo sa nthla nna ga ke itse le gre o diran ke itse hela gre gtwe ke monna wa mosadi"

Maipelo Ronaldo Tlhabeletsang wrote "Mosimanyana o wa tlwaela hle"

Missyk Kedie wrote "Mme o ithusitse rra nne retlio gogo goga ka motswekwe  wa tlwaela Mr"

Itseng Kgasa wrote "Harena sepe le ene ka mabelenyana ekare dipimpole"

Facebook users are still calling Uncle Waffle a man and continues to body shame her over some of her body features.

Uncle Waffles did not mince her words when she took to social media to shut the degrading rumors down. She did mention that she is an ally to the LGBTQI+ community. Uncle Waffes did mention that she loves and support the gay community and lashed out to people for being misinformed and miseducated.
Meanwhile Uncle Waffles is at her prime and still continues to be the talk of the town with her amazing work while entertaining the crown from different big stages. It comes as a no surprise that Uncle Waffles is what is currently happening right now and the most booked DJ from last festive season till to date.

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