Tumie Nthutang Lambast Brands For Creactives Exploitation

She is certainly not jumping for joy with being used

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The world of the content creation has proven to be the fastest growing  trend in the modern day of social media. Tumie Nthutang being one of the content creators herself, she is unsatisfied with how brands exploit content creators to push their own agendas.

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Social media sensation, YouTuber and content creator Tumie Nthutang is certainly not thrilled with the direction the content creating world is moving at the hands of the brands. Triggered by what her best pal and content creator Tyra Molosi posted about the exploitation of content creator. Tumie Nthutang has a log of insight to give not only to herself but other content creators.

On her post, Tyra Molosi talks about the anger that big brands are using their powers to exploit content and digital creators.

"It aggravates me that these big brands are exploiting you guys like this" wrote Tyra Molosi

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Taking to social media, the beauty queen has taken her time to vent and rant on the exploitation that brands are running over content and digital creators. In her rant, Tumie Nthuthang mentions how brands use their power and influence to prey on the content creator on the basis of saving their own skin.

"At out earliest convenience, can we talk please work on what Tyra just shared as per my previous story? I am saying we as creatives coz one thing about some brands, they will always push their own core mandate, as a creative do the same. You might think it's not a big deal when you allow certain things to happen however what you don't get is that it sets terrible industry precedence/standards, thus making it impossible for other creatives to work" wrote Tumie Nthutang

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In a lot of ways, Tumie Nthutang is talking along the lines of being used, simply because some brands knows that content creators are thirsty and hungry for fame and fortune. In that respect, they use their power and influence to exploit them in the process.

Truth be told, the new and upcoming content creators will do anything to have their names attached to brands, not realizing that without reading the dotted lines on the contract, they are selling their souls to the devil. Having been in the content creation industry, Tumie Nthutang knows all the in's and outs of the business, hence she is the perfect person to give an insight in this regard.

"I used to speak out a lot on this. And I know fellow creatives who have been at this for years, who used to speak out a lot on this too. Who went through so much exploitation in order to build personal brands and ultimately carve out what we now know as "content creator space" wrote Tumie Nthutang

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Eight years in the creative space, Tumie Nthutang has learnt so much about the content creative space and how brands moves and operates. Her insight could really saved a lot of young, upcoming and emerging content creators going forward. This business is cut throat and one is as good as they last work.

Consistency and sustainability is key in the content creation space, hence one really need to know the in's and out's before even signing contracts.

"If there is one thing I have learnt over the past 8 years of being in this space, is that you don't get brownie points ot gold stars for putting up with unnecessary  strife, nor do you build a substantial business model by allowing people to treat your business like it ain't a business. Your time as a creative? Valuable and billable. Your effort? Vaulable and billable. I always say, they approached you for a reason or they were amenable to listening to your proposals for a reason" wrote Tumie Nthutang

Tumie Nthutang - IG Story

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