Tumi Voster's international domination

Is your passport as colorful as Tumi's?

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Tumi Voster  | Top of The

There's nothing that makes us as jealous as those celebrity passport gangs that constantly travel from one country to another.

Every other week or month these celebrities are jetting off to some remote island or luxurious first world city, from London to Paris and New York, you name the international destination and they've probably been there...twice even.

One media personality who has been really showing off her globe-trotting ways is the ever-so gorgeous Tumi Voster who is currently traveling across America.

In true celebrity style, Tumi travelled first class from JHB to New York.

As always, Tumi is never one to step out with a hair out place and in true tourist style she just had to pose next to a yellow New York cab.

And of course a snap on the Brooklyn Bridge is a must.

L.A sure does look good on Tumi, we wonder if she's ever considered relocating there?

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@TumiVoster