Tshepiso Solomon Lets Us In On Her Covid-19 Journey

"I have a new lease on life"

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Radio Presenter, MC, Voice Artist and media personality Tshepiso Solomon has been battling Covid-19.

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She has been letting us in on what has been happening in her household as they try to find their new normal and make sure that they are not reinfecting each other.

She took to Instagram and penned this long letter for her followers. She said, "DAY 11: Stepping out on Day 11 after one hectic COVID-19 battle. 4/5 of us in the house were ill... We were not at deaths door but we were sick! While nursing myself (who got sick first) my husband and the 2 older kids... The woman in me had to be a rock. (Everybody else could not keep their strength or eyes open long enough to even put together a snack) so while Drugged up on all sorts of different meds here's what I had to do:

- the house had to be sanitised with jik daily
- constant snacks and meals had to be made
- a consignment of meds sorted through twice a day
- daily steaming for everyone twice a day
- garlic, ginger, lemon and onion tea on rotation all day
- attention and some sort of normalcy had to be kept for my 20month old who was still a bolt of energy and well.

...Between all of this everyone would also tell me how I need to make sure I REST. Ideally when fighting COVID sleep is the only thing you can do... For me I had to schedule it between hrs of the day when the baby napped and the rest of the house was drugged up and asleep.

It wasn't easy...Some days when I felt very tired and not up to it I would get scared... Wondering if we would all get better and if I was doing a good enough job to avoid reinfecting one another. I got scared if I would get better because I had to stand up through all the physical pain, drowsiness and weakness.

...By God's grace we made it! COVID-19 is not only taxing physically and emotionally only, but financially as well. The meds & the home remedies don't come cheap. I started to appreciate the little things like having medical aid and the ease at which things get done when you can afford the essentials to keep you alive while fighting a now considered deadly virus. We take them for granted sometimes.

I'm happy to say we are all well and on the road to full recovery! Thank you to everyone that checked in on us and made some deliveries for essentials. It was VERY ESSENTIAL. coming out of this I somewhat even feel like I have a new lease on life... And to that... I say #tolifešŸ„‚ #liveandletGod"

Marang Selolwane (Nee Molosiwa) recently received her vaccination and she has let us in on the side effects she suffered from the most.

Marang shared on her Instagram stories that she had the craziest side effects from getting the jab. She said, "vaccine side effects dealt with me last night whaaat?? The craziest fever, chills, headache! wow, wow, wow"

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