Trevor Gushes Over Viral Photo

He talks about the moment he fist bumped The Carters

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South African born comedian and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah trended after a picture of him fist bumping Beyoncé Knowles at a basketball game last weekend, went viral. He has since broken his silence about the very moment saying it was a very magical moment.

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Trevor was attending a Brooklyn Nets Game, when the King of Brooklyn came towards him and fist bumped him. Then his wife, global superstar Beyoncé did the same. He was in awe!

“I’ve thought of every possible caption for this picture but really what can I write? You’re at the @brooklynnets game, the King of Brooklyn walks in with his wife @beyonce, and then they both fists bump you.

“You try to act cool but then later you see a picture of the moment and you realize that this life is insane!!! What a privilege and magical moment to experience in life. And even though magic happens to me every day, I hope the little South African boy inside of me never stops reminding me that I’m living a dream,” Trevor wrote.
The last picture he shared of him rubbing shoulders with heavyweights was when he was pictured with Dave Chapelle and Chris Rock. He said they inspired him to get back to doing stand up, and he obeyed.
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