These celebs know each other?!

We had to do a double take

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The entertainment industry is relatively small, we all know that, but every once in a while we'll catch a glimpse of a group of people that one would just NEVER think would pair up.

It's a cross over episode of sorts.

Like Ntsoro leaving comedy to ACTUALLY start a church.
And Vee...
And Berry Heart...
And apparently Kast...

Actually, you know what? Let's get back on track here.

Here are a few snaps that made us do a double take over the past week.

Okay maybe this one isn't TOO far fetched but still, it's kind of unexpected.

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We were lurking and found a picture of Charma Gal and Tuku the Great together.

This is actually a casual flex.  A humble brag, if you will.

This one wasn't particularly shocking, because Vee and Ntsoro came up together in the game, but to know they still keep in touch is a tad heartwarming, isn't it?

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