These Celebrities Quit The Entertainment Industry To Become Pastors

From showbiz to the pulpit

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It is very common that now and then celebrities transition to tap into their spiritual callings. There is no doubt that they are just human beings like anyone else. Most of them who decided to answer the call of God is often questioned and lashed out of opening churches for profit. Whether that is true or not, that is between them and their God. Ultimately because it is not everyone who is bold enough to leave the limelight for something you are not sure will put food on the table.

These celebrities were once famous and one of the best entertainers in the country. They were the best television presenters, musicians, and comedians. Like many other people, they left the world of showbiz to become pastors. These celebrities have pulled masses into their churches and they are doing relatively well.

Karabo ‘Lehenza’ Seelo

He made his first grand entrance into the world of showbiz when he became one of the Presenters for a talent show on Botswana Television known as ‘Mokaragana’. The Tonota native was well welcomed by Mokaragana viewers and he was one of the most loved presenters for the show. Suddenly news of him leaving the show was all over, he got married and later he was trending over claims that he is now becoming a Pastor and he is leaving the limelight for good. These days he is deep in his calling and he is healing the sick and he is preaching the word of God.

Joel Rebaone Keitumele
Back in the day he a famous by the name ‘Ntsoro’. Ntsoro was a funny character he used to bring to life with his theatricals. He was loved for his ability to make people love hilariously and his ability to act. Like Karabo, he used to be a presenter as well on the Mokaragana show and by far the best presenter Mokaragana has ever had in the past. He was immensely talented and was one of the most renowned personalities Botswana has ever had. 

He is a man whore many hats and was loved for his talent and capabilities. After leaving Mokaragana, news of him becoming a pastor took many by surprise. The former 'Melodi ya Kgalaletso’ presenter was indeed a Pastor. He Is the founder of a church called ‘HIS Church and has one of the deepest prophetic utterances. His church pulls masses and heals many people.

Miso ‘Mega V’ Mmereki

She was the first presenter in Mokaragana to lay a foundation for those who took the baton from her. The foundation caused those who came after her to become Pastors. Miso is currently based in the United Kingdom and has publicly shared that she is a Pastor. She was a force in the media industry that when she left Mokaragana, they needed someone who can match her skills. Everyone loved her energetic personality which kept viewers hooked on the show. It was one of the shows nobody wanted to miss. These days nobody wants to watch the show.

Shumba Ratshega

He was famous as one of the best artists in the entertainment industry. He sang traditional songs and he is famous for songs like ‘ka kgweetsa nkuku’. He was loved across Africa and was one of the celebrities who received international bookings. Shumba later decided to answer the call of God and like many other pastors, he is now healing the sick, preaching the word, and prophesying.

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