The Once Loved Magosi!

The duo were a hit back in the days

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Back in the day, Magosi was one of the most loved artists in the country. The duo that brought a twist to Motswako was made of Thuto also known as Melo and Thobo who was then famously known as Ruxion. The once loved sensations were signed under Eric Ramco. The stable had that time signed reputable artists in the country such as Matsieng, Third Mind, Kast, Mosako, and many other artists who were pushing the music industry back then. 

Magosi made hit songs like ‘move’, and ‘tutsa’ and they also feature Kgokgonono in one of their song-styled ‘Magosi a tsile’. The latter was one of the songs that made fans go crazy. They worked with sensations such as Juju Boy, Mosako, and Presbeats. They were the most loved crew and they delivered the best hit songs ever. The duo suddenly faded from the music limelight and people suddenly wondered where their once loved artist has disappeared to.

Though they are out of the music, many other talented rappers just disappeared without saying goodbye. Eureka The Cover Boy was one of the many artists back in the days who used to released hits after. Her music such as ‘malome’ which featured LIzibo topped music charts. The one loved Motswako artist is nowhere to be found. One of the very talented artists was K-Boss famous for the hit song ‘Mmagwe Jane’. The star was talented and famous for his punch lyricism. He was one of the artists who gave life to their fans.

Mosako was also doing well and he knew how to entertain his fans with his music. He was one of Motswako powerhouses back in the day. Mosako worked with artists like Vee Mampeezy and he also stopped giving his fans some good tunes. HT Tautona of ‘the so-called friends’ fame also decided to put his tools down. He collaborated with Re Mmogo singing stars and fans loved him. The list goes on. Whether or not the music industry in Botswana is hard to penetrate that we do not know that artists have struggled to stand in the scourging industry. Only a few artists like Vee Mampeezy, Charma Gal, and A.T.I are the last men standing.

While Mapetla was also a renowned artist in the past, he also disappeared for some time. The ‘Aaah’ hitmaker resumed his career years later with a rather slightly different song which re-launched him to the limelight. Today he is making collaborations with artists like Charma Gal.

Although Magosi has parted ways nobody knows the real reason why they decided to bury such talent. According to close sources, the duo parted ways as now their interest in life was different. Thobo wanted something more serious and ventured into the fashion industry where now he owns and runs a luxury brand known as Keno Suits. The brand has been clothing big and reputable personalities like Resego Motlhokathari, Jamaica, and many more.

However, Thuto decided to pursue his music career by himself but he has also been busy with his career path. He is currently the Host of the Prime Time show which airs on Botswana Television. We however wish the two can resume their careers together as they are one of the most talented artists.
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