Songstress Thato Jessica Take Fans Down The Memory Lane

Her vocals are truly the gospel

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It comes as a no surprise that singer and songwriter Thato Jessica has the most beautiful and angelic voice in the country. The songbird has just reminded us of the goodies that she offers vocally and social media is abuzz.

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The multifaceted artist who doubles s a singer, songwriter, designer, creative director and qualified junior architect is hard at work and actually has also put much work to back up her bio. Thato Jessica takes us down the memory lane, a year ago when the songstress released one of her beautiful melodies that has us all at the edge of out seats.

Taking to social media, Thato Jessica has wowed her fans and followers as she reminisces about a year ago when she shared her heart with her fans through a beautifully written and produced song.

"A year ago!🥰 I will always believe in power of redemption, the path will not be easy but choose to rise everytime!" wrote Thato Jessica

Jessica's fans and followers have fallen back in love with her allover again, as they are singing her praises over the song that they have loved the first time it was released. Social media is abuzz and Thato Jessica is basking in the glory that is her sunshine

mogi91 wrote "My Go-To smash hit every other day. Because God and TJ. Killer combo 😍. Thank You for your beautiful music baby 🔥❤️. You are a gift to the world and I hope you know that always, okay fancy face ☺️"

therealgorata wrote "Love this song🔥"

george_palay wrote "and this song is a master piece!🔥❤️🙌

Thato Jessica has been through it recently and especially when the Covid19 outbreak hits our country and the world at large. Thato Jessica took to social media to relay some of the difficulties that she has faced after marriage and Covid19.

The songstress poured her heart out and and left her fans on the edge of the seat. Especially when a hashtag #25 made rounds on Twitter where people were sharing their stories at the age of 25. Thato Jessica took upon the opportunity to open up about what has been happening in her life.

""#At25 I had recently relocated to Joburg with my husband and was pursuing my dream career…A year later, I was going through a divorce and spent most of the year back home due to COVID. Life is a journey, travel at your own pace."
Her fans and followers were in full support and sympathetic to her situation and the trying times she was enduring. Taking under her comments her fans showed Thato Jessica nothing but love, support, empathy as well as sympathy.
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