Tebogo Letsile: The Next Usain Bolt

The youth athlete is breaking many records

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Letsile Tebogo recently went into the history books for breaking the 100m race within 9.9seconds. Yesterday he made yet another legendary 'Record'
for his U20 championship record in the men's 200m heats where he scooped position 1 within 19.98, breaking yet another world record. The 19 year old athlete has attracted the world recognition subsequently being compared to the legendary athlete, Usain Bold.

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His iconic performance has jetted off his career as a young athlete and he is such a promising athlete after Nijel Amos, Isaac Makwala and Amantle Montsho. while Makwala has decided to retire from hiss career, Letsile took the baton from him and he is making iconic and legendary moves. 

Batswana are very happy about his achievement while some people accused of showboating something he said he saw how the fans were so happy for him and he wanted to take them down memory lane on what Usain Bolt did.

When being interviewed after completing his race by the World Athletics team he said "that celebration, "I saw the fans and I wanted to remind them of what Usain Bolt did back in the days. He's my idol, the person I look up to. If somebody took it as disrespect, I'm really sorry."

"We have more races to come, we didn’t want to go that far. This is my year as a junior, we have to leave it here for the next generation to come and break it.
"As soon as my first step, I knew the title was mine." He said of the race.
While he look up to Usain Bolt, he made a gesture that Usain Bolt did back in 2002 when he was effortlessly signing out of the race, something that also attracted the attention of Usain Bolt that he tweeted about him.
Many people had a mouthful to say about this tweet, while some thought Batswana will pull what they once did when Chris Brown posted about Motsetserepa, unfortunately Usain was here for the young world juniors. 

"Le seka la omana. Usain Bolt is taking note of Letsile cauz he sees someone who may actually break his record. 

Bolt in that legendary race paused to celebrate when he could've set a record improbable to break in our lifetime. Bolt's time should and could have been better if he'd finished without slowing down to celebrate. Now he must watch as this record may be broken.

Our golden boy must go full throttle always. Always. Give everything each time. Sometimes gase boloi to wish he'd run even faster times. I hope he refuses to listen to people who say it's ok for him to have slower times. Boy is a World beater. Given a chance he must set records it'd take decades to break if ever. You never know which race is your fastest. Set records today.

Tomorow is not promised anyone. Le gakolleng bana sentle le seka la re baa loiwa when people actually want even more from and for them. To Letsile, thank you for being such a revelation for this nation. We love you. Go for  gold always."
He has also received a congratulatory message from the President on Alliance For Progressive's Party also known as AP. 

"Dear “Mr Letsile”,
I don’t expect that you will encounter my congratulatory note just yet, but I do hope that when you do, in the fullness of time, you accept my admiration and appreciation for the athlete and human being you have become.

Within a bolt of nine seconds, you lit not only the hopes of possibility for the young and old here at home, but you dismantled mental barriers of millions around the globe.   You are now a global treasure, and although the historical records will focus on your extraordinary athletic genius, it is in your humility and character that we have found a true inspiration. 

You hoist highest, the patient love and cultivation of your extraordinary mother, Ms Seratiwa Tebogo, who in her own right is a national jewel.  Forgive that I am not able to mention all the names of those who are part of your success, including coach Mosimanyana, Dr Tshepang Modise,  Thabang Monngathipa, Chalenna Koolopile, your team-mates and all those dear to you - all of whom understand more than any of us, the sacrifices entailed over the years.  God bless. Best, Herdboy."

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