There’s No Stopping Somizi Now - He's Got Big Dreams

He is dreaming big

By  | Jan 27, 2021, 10:17 AM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Top of The

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Looks like the sky’s the limit for Somizi. He has some big dreams that he’s been sharing with us on social media. Fresh from the roaring success of his successful TV show and cookbook, he now wants to get into the world of jets, restaurants, and even yachts! 

He shared a post on Instagram, along with the caption, “Next level ISH....from TV show to restaurants..... Yo dreams shud scare u......ain't no stopping me now im a child of God....the son of my ancestors.....if doesn't kill u it shud make u richer.”

Inspiration and motivation to do better

It seems that Somizi wants to enter the world of restaurants now. That’s a natural progression from his cookbook. He shared some elegant looking layouts of dining spaces and cutlery. In the video, he’s suggesting to put the food in the planes and yachts. He wants a chef from Cape Town to make recipes from his book. Perhaps this is the blueprint for a combined venture?

The post has attracted positive energy and inspiring comments from many people. Some of them are:

“Uzi goals, you go for what you want. May the good Lord and your ancestors grant you the next step of you. All the best with the restaurant.”

“Upwards & onwards! May God keep shaming your enemies & may you keep inspiring us to dream bigger.

“A billionaire in the making I tell you now!!"

He’s looking great, too

On top of being motivated and driven, Somizi is looking better than ever. 

In these pics, he’s looking sharp and coordinated. Fans couldn’t help but notice his super toned legs. He’s giving us very strong leadership vibes in these. We can really see that he is ready to take over the world and nothing can stop him. Looking at him, we’re feeling strong and confident too! That’s exactly what one needs to be when starting their own venture as an entrepreneur. It takes courage to do your own thing. On top of that, when you start your own business, you’re literally creating work for hundreds of other people, too. Many people end up looking up to you – whether it’s for their daily bread or for inspiration to start their own dreams solo.

What do you think of this series of posts? Does it give you major inspiration? It sure does to us. Also, it’s given us one major tip. If you want to be successful, you have to look the part, too.

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