Somizi Is Scared For His Life

This after he found an intruder

By  | Jul 01, 2021, 04:55 PM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Top of the

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Somizi Mhlongo got the fright of his life when he realised that he has an intruder in his home. A scared Somizi filmed the whole encounter with the uninvited guest and one can tell that he was scared.

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“OMG there’s a rat. There’s a rat in my house. And I’ve locked the door to the garage and I’m afraid of rats. What am I going to do.”

"The rat was hiding in the corner trying to escape the house. “How am I going to sleep in the same house with a rat roaming around. I left the townships trying to run away from rats.”
He added.

At least Somizi has enough alcohol to keep him clam. After SA went into lockdown, he asked other people to not ask alcohol from him as he would not be giving out any freebies.

"If I’ve never sat with you, had a drink during level 2, shared a drink or the bill. If I’ve never done that with you, you have no right to call me and ask for booze. It’s level 4. I’m not going to run out of alcohol because of people who forgot to stock up." He warned.

Somgaga is also focused on the money and has no time for chit chat. The chef said people in his age group should not be taking or making causal calls.

"Old age thing I guess and I'm ok with it. This message is for the over 45s. Guys, I don’t know about you but at my age at 48, I can’t stand phone calls njee."

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