The Sentos Vs The Fergusons – Who Is Richer?

The Kings and Queens of Botswana

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Vee Mampeezy and his wife Kagiso Sento, are in a tied first place position as the King and Queen of Botswana pop culture, as they closely edge out their competition, Shona and Connie Ferguson. Vee has represented the music industry for many years, and in turn his wife has been given the platform to showcase the fruits of his labour on her Instagram page. However – Kagiso has become a successful business woman in her own right, and has boosted her family’s net worth significantly. 

Shona and Connie have worked side by side in building the Ferguson name for years now, and are known internationally for the work they have put out. Aside from their unmatched acting careers, they have created job opportunities for thousands of people, with their production company, Ferguson Films, which is responsible for a number of productions. 

Botswana’s very own musician Vee Mampeezy, is signing deal after deal lately, as he continues to solidify himself as one of the most prominent celebrities who are entrepreneurs. Vee's career is on an upward trajectory and no one is more deserving than him at the moment. His latest side hustle will probably sustain him, way beyond his tenure in the music industry. There have been multiple instances in recent years which show that Vee’s bag is most definitely secure, and nothing can slow him down now!

In a post on his Instagram account in November 2020, Vee gave us a glance into his glamorous mansion. The purpose was not to flaunt his opulent lifestyle or to cause chest pains, but it came from a good place, purely to inspire his fans that hard work pays off.
Also in November 2020, Vee proved that he is living large when he took to Instagram to flaunt his black G-Wagon. The car is said to be very pricey in the country and it has left many feeling envious.
  Vee decided to take it up a notch and posted his car which is parked on the street right next to him of course, showing us that he is a fan of finer things in life. The musician said this is one of his favorite cars in his garage, yass talk about flexing.

Shona and Connie Ferguson are also a couple who believe in the ethos – if you got it, flaunt it! The pair have left us KNOWING that they are living the soft life and we couldn’t be more jealous! Shona Ferguson has enjoyed a lot of success during his time in the entertainment industry, having come from nothing to where he is today is a big feat to accomplish.

 In a recent post, the trailblazing TV producer rewarded himself with a custom-made diamond chain, made by his trusted jeweller. He thanked his jeweller in an appreciation post while blasting trap music in the background like the real OG that he is.

"Appreciation post for my jeweler @axeldiamond_ . You always come through with every custom piece you’ve made for me. Bless you and keep rising."

The pristine diamond chain looks quite expensive and had the Ferguson Films logo on it, the fine details look extremely impeccable. Shona is never afraid to spend on himself or his family, he has the money and knows how to use it. With his talent and his numerous streams of revenue, Shona has amassed a lot of wealth along the way that helps maintain his expensive lifestyle.

It’s clear that both couples are living life in the fab lane… but one thing seems apparent, it’s definitely the MEN spending all the money! 

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