Shona Ferguson Addresses "Bullies"

He is setting the record straight.

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Multi-talented actor Shona Ferguson, has BEEN setting the bar high in the local entertainment industry. To say he has been making moves is a major understatement.

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The actor has built quiet an empire in the industry and he is the brain behind some of Mzansi's award-winning shows such The Queen, Igazi, and Rockville. Shona has been in the limelight for several years now, and he has managed to solidify himself as a respected actor in the industry and everything he touches turns to gold.
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Throughout his illustrious acting career, the star has successfully dabbled in acting and producing. His enthralling performances in numerous productions have captivated viewers and catapulted him to a rare seat at the table, within the realm of acting.

Shona recently produced the latest African original series on Netflix Kings of Joburg which premiered this past Friday.

The star-studded series has received rave reviews from viewers with its intriguing storyline, acting, and stellar production. The 6-part series delves into legacy building, fragmented family structures, treacherous brotherhoods, and the effects of crime and African masculinities on families and society at large. Loyalties will be tested, with long-held secrets threatening to shatter the fragile facade.

Shona portrays the lead role of Simon “Vader” Masire, a member of the KOJ brotherhood and the eldest of the Masire siblings. The show features Mzansi's favorite actors such as Abdul Khoza, Zolisa Xaluva, TK Sebothoma, and SK Khoza to name a few.

ZAlebs recently scored an interview with Shona who shared all the deets about working on the production.

"Vader IS greedy but family takes priority over it all. He is a larger-than-life character and doesn’t always make the right decisions but when it comes to family, he will drop it all. At the end of the day, he does have a choice. The irony is Simon makes one decision that will cost him the very thing he is trying to protect."
Shona says the series was inspired by the folk tales his late father used to tell him during his upbringing.

"These stories kept me up at night and gave me nightmares but I had to bring them to life in a tale of human conflict. Audiences will be surprised to learn that despite the darkness of this story,  Kings of Joburg, paints a beautiful picture of the city of Johannesburg. I am also grateful to have worked with such an amazing cast and crew who gave it their all and helped bring my vision to life," he explained.
The actor says with this series they wanted to show the world Africa's authentic stories. Shona and his wife Connie Ferguson have become Mzansi's sought-after TV producers. The power couple is known for producing authentic and captivating shows and Shona says he hopes Kings of Joburg will entertain the continent.

"The priority is to entertain so that’s first prize. It would be great for the continent to see what collaborations can do for our industries. Africa is where the cream of top talent is and together we can do amazing things. "
The actor has portrayed several roles on screen and his recent role was Jerry Maake on The Queen. Shona reveals how he transitioned from Jerry Maake, a wholesome and straightforward police officer to Simon Masire a hardened criminal caught on the wrong side of the law. 

"I never struggle transitioning from one character to the next. It is my job to understand the character I am supposed to bring to life and not only do I do my research but I make sure I have fun with each one. It's very important to never judge your character, that way you portray them innocently and the audience believes you," he says.
Kings of Joburg has been doing well on the international streaming service securing the number one spot in Mzansi upon release. Shona says they are grateful to the viewers.

 "Being at number one within 48 hours of streaming is an overwhelming feeling. We are filled with so much gratitude and humility. People really showed up and continue to and they are enjoying the series and for that we give glory to GOD. Thank you to everyone who took their time out to watch KINGS OF JOBURG."
Fans have been wondering who the mermaid is on the show responding to us Shona said,

"I don’t want to give away too much since there is still a lot of people who haven’t watched the series."

The captivating series has many viewers begging for more with its cliffhangers and intriguing storyline and fans are already petitioning for a second season. Responding to whether there might be a second season, Shona said there is no guarantee, but they are working on new shows.

 "There is no guarantee of a second season but Ferguson Films is already in development and production of new shows. You will find out soon enough."
The Fergusons received backlash when they released the star-studded trailer of Kings of Joburg with viewers slamming them for always using the same faces. Viewers accused them of recycling actors who have starred in numerous productions and demanded new talent.

Shona says the term #OpenUpTheIndustry is misused by bullies to tear other actors down. He went to explain that saying actors should be cast away because they have starred in one show is unfair.

"The term “recycling actors” is very insulting to actors in our industry. Actors act. That’s what they do for a living. Saying because they’ve been on 1 project they should be cast away and someone new must be cast is unfair. I have never cared for this particular phrase “open up the industry” because it's what we do every day of our lives. We open up the industry to new and old talent. We open up the industry to the world."

"We give hundreds of actors work opportunities every single year, we give long term work to loyal hard-working actors and crew, so “Open Up the industry” is, unfortunately, a statement that is misused by bullies to tear others down. The number one rule to getting anything worthwhile done is to never get distracted by misinformed opinions. The industry IS open. You are just not doing enough to get the attention of casting directors. Complaining will never get any door open for you. Hard work and perseverance definitely will,"
explains Shona.
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