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From being a DJ to a CEO of a top films production company.

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Shona Ferguson whose real name is Aaron Ferguson is popularly known for his role on the South African Soapie, Muvhango. Shona made debut on Muchango in 2006, but in 2007 he resigned.

Over the course of his life he’s been a DJ, Actor, Director, Producer and CEO and alongside Connie, Shona is churned out thoroughly entertaining content at a dazzling rate.

Besides being a trailblazer on TV, Shona is a man that loved to spend quality time with his family.

Here's a look at how Shona Ferguson was once a DJ, but with hard work and determinationbecame a business mogul that everyone looked up to.

Shona Ferguson Passes Away

On the 30th of July, Shona Ferguson succumbed to Covid 19 related complications and died at the Milpark private hospital in Johannesburg. Just a few days prior it had been reported that Shona was in the ICU following a heart operation.

The nation reeled in shock as news of his passing made the rounds. A representative from the Ferguson Foundation, Conrad Mwanza, confirmed the news of his passing. However, the family could not be reached for any further comment, but it was believed that Connie was already busy with the funeral arrangements.

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Shona Ferguson - Ferguson Films

TV producers Shona and Connie Ferguson seem to get on the people's bad side more often than not. This time around one of their actors Mlamli Mangcala, who portrays the character of Captain Sthembiso Radebe on The Queen, has accused them of ill-treatment and deceiving him.

He's not the only one as more actors are coming out to share their ordeals of working with the Fergusons. 

The Fergusons were once exposed as exploiters who do not know how to treat their employees well. They were exposed by Vatiswa Ndara, who wrote a 6-page open letter to the Minister of Sports, Arts & Culture.

It seems that did not leave the Fergusons as they were exposed again for firing an employee who had simply asked for some time off to work on another project. In a report by Sunday World, the Fergusons are said to have given one of their actresses the boot, Dineo Langa, because she wanted to shoot a movie.

The actress is said to have received a letter from Ferguson Films informing her that she shouldn't return to work after the lockdown.

Well, the Fergusons have responded and let's just say they are fed up.

According to IOL
, the show runner, Laura Nell, denied claims that Dineo Langa was fired. 

"Dineo's contract was not terminated. She is still on payroll until the end of May. Dineo was released to go and shoot her movie. Scripts had to be rewritten to accommodate this as she was on an 'A' storyline. She was scheduled to return in April, but due to the lockdown, everything has changed."

It seems the Fergusons did nothing wrong and people were just quick to jump to unfounded conclusions.

Shona Ferguson Age

The exact year when he was born is not known, but Shona's birth date is the 30th of April. He was born in Gaborone, Botswana whereby his family and in-laws still reside. Shona usually gets time to visit his family in Botswana.

Shona Ferguson Family

Not much is known about his Shona's parents, but his father was a pastor; Pastor Peter Harry Ferguson. Sadly he passed away and Shona was able to pay tribute to him in a very touching message. His mother was Boitshwarelo Mercy Ferguson.

As a pastor, his father once officiated the ceremony when Shona and Connie renewed their vows.

Shona Ferguson Marriage

Shona is married to Connie Ferguson who hails from the small town of Lobatse. Shona relating his story of how he met Connie Ferguson is the sweetest thing ever written. He says it was love at first sight.

He was dropping off his sisters' friends and when Connie showed up, the world stood still for a moment. It was at that moment that Shona knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Connie.

Shona has got two daughters, Lesedi and Alicia Angel Ferguson, with Connie that he loves dearly. Their daughters are clearly following in their parents' footsteps by also wanting to make it big in the entertainment industry.

In 2018, Shona and Connie Ferguson celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary and to this, they have become the couple that many admire and look up to.

Shona recently shared some pearls of wisdom on how to grow as a couple and it's all about working hard together. Shona and Connie Ferguson are one of Botswana's most inspiring couples - they've been through it all together. According to Shona, his number one tip on social media was a couple that hustles together will stay together.

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Shona Ferguson Career

Sometimes in life we don't start exactly where we want to be, but with hard work and perseverance things start to fall in place. In 1992, Shona started working as a DJ at The Palace Hotel Night Club in Lesotho. Soon he found himself pursuing an interest in acting and he seemed to love it.

He made his first debut on Generations as Ace, but he felt the character was not bringing out enough of his passion for acting. So he left Generations and went ot audition for the soapie, Muvhango in 2006. His creative acting skills landed him the role of Dr. Lebua that he executed with passion. It was at this point that Shona began to make waves in the entertainment industry.

Fart forward to 2011, Shona bagged a role on TV show The Wild. On this show he was depicted as a powerful and charming community leader that would do anything to protect people from all social ills.

His other television roles include Tyson in Season 1 of Isidingo, J.B. Bogatsu in Rockville, Alex in Scandal  and Jerry Maake in The Queen.

Shona co-owns Ferguson Films, a film-producing company that he founded together with Connie, his business partner and wife. The production company has birthed many television shows that keep viewers glued to their screens everyday.

Recently, Shona was spotted meeting with DJ Tira and this got the Twitter streets lit up. Although no one knows why the two were meeting, many speculated that perhaps Shona needs one of DJ Tira's hits to be the soundtrack to one of the episodes on The Queen.

Adding more flare to his career, Shona Ferguson is not playing around this year and is bringing in the racks by allegedly signing deals with the big dogs of the international streaming service, Netflix

With all those hashtags in the post, it definitely points to that there's a possibility on Shona working on something for Netflix. This will definitely be a smart move for Shona  and for him to join the band wagon whilst he still has a seat at the table. We all know how big Netflix is.

In his career he has received 2 awards, the Golden Horn Award for Best Actor in a TV Soap and the Golden Horn Award for Best Achievement by a Lead Actor in a TV Movie. 

Shona Ferguson Controversy

Last year, Ferguson Films found itself in murky waters after one of their disgruntled employees Vatiswa Ndara allegedly exposed the Fergusons as slave drivers.

In a no-holds-barred 6-page open letter to the Minister of Sports, Arts & Culture, she incriminates the Fergusons; as they are the owners of the production house she was employed by. Several actors, like  Keke Mphuthi and Mara Louw, came out  after to expose their disgruntlement against the Fergusons.

Shona and Connie did not take this lying down as they said that these accusations were not factual, they were misguided and misleading. They took the legal route of seeking legal representation on the matter.

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Shona Ferguson House and Cars

With his talent and his numerous streams of revenue, Shona has amassed a lot of wealth along the way that helps maintain his expensive lifestyle.

If not Shona, who needs a bike anyway?

Shona Ferguson Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Sona Ferguson is one man who seems unstoppable and is on a path to become great and keep becoming great. His talents have shown off and that's why he lives so lavishly with his family. Nothing will stop to pursue his dreams.

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