Shona Ferguson Reveals He Can Indulge In This Meal Every Night

He is an absolute favorite of it!

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The Ferguson household is such a heart-warming house we have ever seen to date and the love they have for each other is really tremendous.

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The head of the household Shona Ferguson, recently took to his Instagram stories to share that her daughter Lesedi Matsunyane Ferguson, recently prepared motogo- a soft porridge for him, and he shared a picture on the gram, ready to indulge in it!

The TV producer said he is a big fan of a soft porridge and he can eat it for dinner every night. Shona also thanked Lesedi for the warm breakfast meal she prepared for him.
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The Ferguson family has always been goals and they have won the hearts of many people with their opulent lifestyle, which leaves you feeling envious and inspired.

Apart from the great taste they have in fashion, cars, and travel, we can't help but also notice that the family also eats well, after all, one cannot enjoy life without enjoying the finer delicacies of life.

From their breakfast to their lunch and dinner, every plate they share on social media has us salivating and running to the kitchen to whip up a similar plate of food.

The Fergusons are also quite the fitness fanatics. For the longest time, they have always been health conscious and everyone in the household is working hard to maintain their body.

What we know also is that Connie does not drink alcohol at all! The actress recently responded to a fan who asked her if it is her on-screen character Harriet who prefers to drink wine or champagne and she said she does not drink alcohol at all. We are not surprised that the actress does not consume alcohol because when it comes to her health and looks she is spectacular.

The family is also always busting some dance moves and teaching each other how to rock the dance floor, just recently Connie shared a video on her Instagram account where she and her daughter were dancing to Jazzy Disciples' viral song titled Zlele. Judging by the comments from their fans, they did justice to the record and so do we.

Connie also recently flexed her diamond ring. proving that the bag is secure. In a long appreciation post, Connie had shared before how she co-designed the precious ring with Axel Diamond and the inspiration behind the craftsmanship.

"I have an innate love for design, of any kind. I cannot sketch, but I can draw images in my head and get a sketcher to put pencil to paper,. I’m pretty ocd when it comes to lines, curves, symmetry, flow etc. I can be a pain to design for or with! So the fact that @axoli_m of @axeldiamond_ was daring enough to let me co-design one of his latest offerings, speaks volumes to the young man’s confidence!"

Image Cred: Instagram @Ferguson_film
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