Kings of Joburg Season 2 In Production. Who will replace Shona?

His legacy still lives on

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Even after Shona Ferguson's untimely passing. His latest African original series  Kings of Joburg is currently in production for its second season. In the series Shona was the creator and lead actor amongst other South African veteran actors and new blood in the acting industry. Partnered with the world's number one biggest digital and streaming services, the Ferguson Films is at the forefront shooting Kings of Joburg season 2.

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Connie Ferguson, late Shona's wife took to Instagram to share her excitement that this one of its kind series is in production even without Shona who was the center of the storyline.
Connie Ferguson - IG Story

King of Joburg did very well for itself in the market, hence it has been renewed for its second season. The first season was released in 2020 and the fans were a frenzy across all social media asking for season two when the six part series 'Kings of Joburg' came to an end in December.
The biggest elephant in the room is whether or not Shona's role will be taken by another actor or the story will continue with its newest storyline. But knowing the television and production genius that Connie Ferguson is, fans are in for a treat.

It is still a hard pill to swallow to swallow to many of Shona Ferguson's fans and followers to accept his untimely passing. However the reality remains as it is. Shona died on 30 July 2021 due to COVID-19 related complications at Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg. Prior to his passing, Shona had informed the nation about the upcoming second season of the critically-acclaimed Netflix original series.

King of Joburg received remarkable reviews from viewers and many are over the moon for the newest season. So, the anticipation is almost over now that the cat is out of the bag because season 2 of the drama series is finally in production.

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Connie also shared a picture with some of the cast but it is still unclear the direction the this series will take without Shona Ferguson. Believe it or not, he was the master mind behind everything and Kings of Joburg was his brainchild. However the Ferguson Films never disappointments and its team of production veterans will once again deliver to its viewers a stellar job that is always expected from the Ferguson Films.
Connie Ferguson - IG Story

Although the release date for season 2 of Kings of Joburg hasn't been confirmed. However the wait is finally almost over. Whether or not season 2 would also be a six part series like season 1, all that will be revealed once it's released on Netflix.

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