Connie And Shona Ferguson Launch The Ferguson Foundation

The Ferguson Foundation For Financial Education

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The Fergusons continue to reign supreme, just a few weeks ago they launched Season 5 of the TV series, Rockville. On 19 May 2021, Connie Ferguson took to social media to announce that they are launching a family foundation called The Ferguson Foundation. The Ferguson Foundation is an independent programme dedicated to supporting Africans, with the aim of empowering them and building industry leaders.

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Connie Ferguson posted a very cute picture of her with the family on Instagram, where she announced the launch of 'The Ferguson Foundation'. The foundation provides financial education to Africans, on a statement posted on the foundation's Instagram page, it states that it prides itself in embracing its role as a good corporate citizen:

From Connie's words, it is easy to tell that the foundation is something that means a lot to her family and that they want to do a lot with it, for Africans. Connie said this on her Instagram:

"Mabogo dinku a thebana”
Loosely translated means we navigate life better when we help each other.

To that end, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our family foundation the FERGUSON FOUNDATION

To find out more please follow
@fergusonfoundation across all platforms, and visit

Together with our amazing team we have been working tirelessly to make this dream come to fruition. Words

The Ferguson Foundation says. "The future success of our students is of great importance to us, and we want to provide them with opportunities to learn, develop and strengthen their core life skills. We want to bring the topic of money out of the shadows, and build a nation that is financially fluent".

A foundation like this one is needed in South Africa, lots of students and graduates leave tertiary and are not financially fluent. As a result, dealing with money and making the best decisions with it becomes difficult. South Africa and the African continent has seen the Fergusons growing and building their empire, therefore financial education coming from the family will probably be helpful to the youth.
The Fergusons hanging out in Dubai.

This announcement was well received, the Ferguson family’s fans and other celebrities showed love to the family. Connie’s former colleague on Generations, Sophie Lichaba had this to say: 

“Congratulations sis, may God continue to bless you and Mr Sho. He already has”

TV Presenter and Actress, Thembisa Mdoda, shared some love as well, saying: 

“OMG OMG OMG. This is absolutely incredible. Congratulations my faves. UThixo anandisele


One of the fans showed appreciation to the family and the launch of the foundation, @lethabolennoxp said, “Witnessing such beautiful deeds is heart-warming. You and your family are appreciated for such an amazing impact. Thank you for the announcement and welcoming us to the #fergusonfoundation. God Bless”.

For more information about the Ferguson Foundation, check out their social media platforms @fergusonfoundation and visit their website

Main Image Credit: Instagram (@connie_ferguson)
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