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Business mogul Shona Ferguson passed on yesterday, 30 July following covid-19 related complications.

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News of his passing was confirmed by Conrad Mwanza who is representative of the Ferguson Foundation. Mwanza said the family is asking for privacy during their time of grieve.

The actor has built quite an empire in the industry and he is the brains behind some award-winning shows such The Queen, Igazi, and Rockville.

Besides his career, we cannot miss the couple goals that he was always serving with his wife, Connie, and it's been 19 years.

From working together to spending time together and showering each other with expensive gifts, we could not help but love the Fergusons.

Shona was in the limelight for several years and he had managed to solidify himself as a respected actor in the industry and everything he touched turned to gold.

Remember his announcement about joining The River? He kept showing his prowess and how he's the master of television that we all love and adore. 

As we are celebrating Shona's life, here’s a look at some of things that kept us on our toes:

Vatiswa accuses Shona Ferguson of exploitation

In a no-holds-barred 6-page open letter to the Minister of Sports, Arts & Culture, Vatiswa incriminated the Fergusons of exploitation as they are the production house owners she was employed by.

Vatiswa asked the minister to intervene in cases where actors were not paid what was due to them. She claimed that she was offered R110 000 before taxes over five weeks of work with no limit to calls on one of the Ferguson's productions, iGazi. Sello was also a bit coy in divulging the full details of why he left The Queen, however, he did corroborate Vatiswa's story about being underpaid by Ferguson Films.

It seems Vatiswa was not alone in this, Mlamli Mangcala accused them of ill-treatment and deceiving him. However, the Fergusons refuted the claims.

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Shona lashed out at for recycling actors

Having released the great series, Kings of Joburg which we hope is coming back for the second season, Shona received rave reviews from viewers with its intriguing storyline, acting, and stellar production. However, some were not impressed. 

The Fergusons received backlash when they released the star-studded trailer of Kings of Joburg with viewers slamming them for always using the same faces. Viewers accused them of recycling actors who have starred in numerous productions and demanded new talent.

Shona took this to heart as he felt that most do not understand how the industry works.

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Shona pitted against Mandla N

Television producers Shona Ferguson and Mandla N, found themselves being pitted against each other online. The media moguls who own their own production companies are renowned TV producers, who have produced numerous award-winning shows.

Shona owns Ferguson Films which has produced shows including The Queen, Rockville, and Kings of Joburg and Mandla N owns Black Brain Pictures a production company that produces Lockdown,  Side Dish, and Hola Mpinji. The director is also the brain behind a new TV show Diepcity.

A Twitter user pitted Shona and Mandla N against each other and said one of them will become Mzansi's version of Tyler Perry. Some felt they should not be pitted against each other as they are both doing great, but that was not the end of it.

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Shona leaves everyone in pain

Television actor and media mogul Shona Ferguson, took to his social media account to remember his late father Peter Hary Ferguson, who passed on in 2019.

It has been two years since Shona lost his father and the memories they created have not faded away and he still remembers him every day. Shona posted a heartwarming picture of his beautiful parents coming out of a house, his mother followed his father and they looked happier. Shona praised his mother for always having his father's back through thick and thin.

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Shona gets schooled by Alicia

As his daughter with Connie Ferguson, Alicia celebrated her 18th birthday, Shona shared a true story about his daughter's birth. Shona explained that doctors had told him he would never have children but God had other plans. Today, Shona loves to refer to Alicia as his miracle baby

We love to see how close they are and how they love to refer to each other as twin or doppelganger. It was good to see Alicia give his dad a lesson on one of her passions.

The video showcased him getting a drum lesson from Alicia Ferguson, who appeared to be rather musically inclined. What seemed quite simple for Ali, turned out to be the opposite for Shona, as he struggled to grasp the names of each drum.

Let's see how Shona did right here.

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