Shauwn Is Now Warming Up To Sithelo

She has accepted her second pregnancy

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Durban DJ Sithelo Shozi is pregnant with baby number 3 and her baby daddy is entertainer Andile Mpisane. Shauwn did not like Sithelo's relationship with her son at first because of the obvious age difference. Her first pregnancy was not well received by Shauwn and this is what she said, “Woow! I don’t know anything about Andile’s girlfriends. I can’t believe that Andile can hide something so big from me. We are very open to each other but I can’t be telling him who he must date and who he must not. Andile is still young and I can’t involve myself in his private affairs," Shauwn said at the time news of Sithelo's first pregnancy caught wind.

“The only person I will entertain is a wife. Once he tells me ‘here is my wife mother’, I‘ll get involved. I don’t know anything about who gave birth to what and when, I really don’t know anything about being a grandmother, it’s the first time I’m hearing of such news,”
she was once quoted as saying.

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According to Sunday World, Shauwn has had a change of heart and warmed up to Sithelo. Shauwn is going all out for her second grandchild and she has even created a baby room for her incoming second grandchild in her mansion.

“She is going all out for this one. She has been shopping and transforming the baby room. She is super happy and can’t wait to hold her grandchild,“ the source told the paper.

"And the child grew & became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon Him” - Luke 2:40 🕊🤍 thankful for the gift of life itself. Our love personified," she quoted her pictures.

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