Sesame Mosweu Is Going Through The Most

Relationships are the pits!

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If you thought you were the only one going through the most because of relationships, think again. Even our beloved TSWAlebs are not safe when it comes to relationship drama.

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Our good Sis may be very secretive when it comes to her love life but she couldn't help but reveal ti us that she is going through the most in the relationship department.

Sesame Mosweu might be a well-known personality but that doesn't mean she can escape the ups and downs of dating.

"Dating is the pits. The true true pits. If you haven't been in the trenches, good for you but for most of us you can't come and convince us that these streets are rosy. We live on anxiety every time we develop any type of feelings for a hommie. We know. And sometimes we run."

Despite her giving up the limelight, Sesame became a household name on Yarona FM while pursuing her law degree at UB and since leaving radio she has generally maintained a low profile. These days her she seems to focus her time around work, running her own boutique, gym and generally living her best life and popping up every now and again.

Some of her fans were actually shook that she, of all people, would be going through the most in a relationship. One Tweep even went as far as describing his perceived view of the starlet.

"I always thought you were the “imperfect” perfect girlfriend since the very first day I saw you,bob cut,lefika court,school uniform,to a whole outspoken and fierce lady tht pushed many barriers,socially and of course the corporate world,not to mention other sides u never show,but Some stars never align,and who knows,it could be just what is supposed to happen. So I learnt to grow with you from a distance. Real talk"

Sesame wasn't about to let the relationship blues get her down though, she brushed off the tweeps comment with a more positive outlook on life and relationships in general.

"Hahahaha no regrets, the lessons learnt are invaluable. And also, life goes on. Upwards and onwards we go."

We all go through the most in our relationships but as Sesame puts it, "life goes on". There is no need to be caught up in all the drama, just keep it moving and have no regrets. We hope our good Sis will be ok though and she isn't just being a motivational speaker.

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