The Death Of Sasa Klass Further Debated In Court

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The helicopter's pilot was confronted with questions by the distraught Annah Mokgethi, mother of the late Sasa Klass, whose daughter Sarona Mokgethi was crushed and killed. The mother of the late hip hop star questioned if the helicopter really needed to take off at 6 o'clock.

Famous musician Sasa Klaas lived her entire life surrounded by those she loved and who looked out for her. However, she died in a plane accident in the Kgalagadi Desert on March 5, 2021, and was declared dead when she arrived at the hospital. Sasa Klaas was only 27 years old at the time of her death.

The musician had taken a trip to a ranch house with a local businessman named Leonard Matenje. This week, Sasa Klaas's mother, the honorable Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, appeared in court to cross-examine the businessman and the pilot who were in the aircraft when the disaster occurred. He had no choice but to speak at this point since he was being questioned and cross-examined in the courtroom.

Photo Cred: ;The late Sasa Klaas with her mum

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Most people were curious about how Sasa and Matenje were linked and how they ended up taking that flight together to the ranch, which raised questions about their relationship. To put things right Leonard began by stating that he and Sasa had only been close friends for a little less than a year.

He continued by saying that although they occasionally got together for lunch and other social events, on this fateful day Sasa had left her car at the businessman's office in order to go on their exciting trip. As he struggled to remember what actually caused the tragedy, Matenje appeared to still be a little disoriented. He mentioned that probably the tail of the helicopter caught to the fence and the helicopter lost control.

When Sasa's mother questioned whether it was safe for them to take off at that time of day, Leonard had this to say,

 “It was sunset but there was still enough light to see, so it was safe. As we arrived at the farm after flying for 3.5 kilometres above the fence, there was a sudden swift of the aircraft. My immediate response was to flare the aircraft, bringing down the power and slow down the speed.”

The 46-year-old pilot added to the court's knowledge by stating that farm employees had lifted Sasa Klaas into a Toyota Land Cruiser before driving her to the nearest hospital. Her final request to Matenje was for a bottle of water, a pillow, and for him to take off her shoes, he revealed.

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The Honorable Minister persisted in grilling Matenje and the pilot, putting them in a difficult position as to what actually resulted in her daughter's passing."Was it unavoidable, or was something possibly done to save her life?"

In relation to Sasa Klass's death, other witnesses will still need to be interviewed. The case is still being looked into as the grieving mother continues to look for explanations for her daughter's passing. The courts are still investigating the case and hope to reach a conclusion soon.

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