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A pillar of strength

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For many years past, the hip hop scene has often been described as a boys club. The music genre and story telling movement had been dominated by men and for a long time women were not considered when the topic of hip hop music came up. However in recent years, women have taken over and have become trailblazers in the hip hop community. Not only overseas but locally as well.

If there was someone who dominated and transformed the hip hop industry in Kenya it was none other than Sarona ‘Sasa Klaas’ Motlhagodi. At such a young age and in such a short time, the lyricist left her mark on the industry and in the process changed many lives.

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Today we take a look at the pillar of strength that raised her - Annah Mokgethi, Sasa Klaas’ mother.

Who is Sasa Klaas Mother?

The rapper, musician, songwriter, activist and media personality was born, raised and laid to rest in Botswana. Sasa Klaas mother, Anna Maria Mokgethi raised the queen of rap as a single mother and the two had a very close relationship as described by close friends and family.

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Anna Mokgethi allowed her daughter to live life as the free willed spirit that she naturally was. Sasa Klaas’ mother often supported her career as an artist and said Sarona began expressing her interest in music and performing at the tender age of 4 years old when she won a dance competition doing the Macarena dance. 

Sarona grew up surrounded by family and was gifted academically and most of her family members expected she would land and excel in a white collar job. However, Sasa decided to drop out of Limkokwing University, where she was studying a degree in Film and Television Production, to fully pursue her career as a musician and her mother continued to support her.

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What Does Sasa Klaas’ Mother Do?

Although the lyricist grew up in a single parent household, she was raised well and lived a comfortable life. Sasa Klaas’ mother is a politician currently serving as the Minister of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs in Botswana for the ruling party, BDP (Botswana Democratic Party).

Sasa Klaas Awards

From the moment she collaborated with Scar on the A Ke Mo Khande track and rose to fame, Sasa worked hard to perfect her craft and to reach the heights that she did as an entertainer. Shortly after her ascent to fame in 2011, Sarona secured a job and became a presenter of The Foundation: Next Level that aired on Botswana from 2011 to 2012.

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Sasa Klaas solidified her status as one of Botswana’s greatest female rappers and was recognized as such, receiving a nomination for the Yarona FM Music Awards (YAMAs) in 2021.

Sasa Klaas Death

Unfortunately Sasa Klaas’ mother, the hip hop fraternity, the entertainment industry, fans,her family and friends lost her when she tragically passed away in a helicopter accident on the 5th March 2021.

Picture source: @sasaklaas Instagram

Due to the strict COVID-19 restrictions, her funeral service was attended by close family and friends who shared fond sweet memories of the lyrical genius.

May her soul continue resting in peace
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