Sasa Klaas Gets Spoiled And Addresses Trolls

Who called her a "hoe?"

By  | Nov 20, 2020, 01:50 PM  | Sasa Klaas  | Top of the

Award-winning musician, Sasa Klaas, is seemingly head over heels and she can't hide it.

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The musician is one lucky lady right now as she was recently showered with a bouquet of flowers seemingly by her bae.

It is no secret that Sasa Klaas is one of the country's most beautiful ladies. This lady has single-handedly transformed her career into something big in the entertainment industry and we are proud of her achievements. Sasa has many people eating in the palm of her hand.

In a post on Twitter Sasa revealed was spoiled with a stunning bouquet of flowers. The boutique was accompanied by a message written "You are amazing and lovely" and she hid the name of the sender.

She then went on to address her haters by giving them peace of her mind. Sasa said peeps are calling her a "hoe." She told her trolls that she is a wife material or an award-winning girlfriend, yass girl!

"Y’all will keep calling me a hoe but never ask why your girl is always getting cuffed. I’m such a bae, like the most expensive material of wife, like girlfriend award-winning. It’s a pity I don’t care. (Thanks, I’ll take my cookie)," she wrote.

In an emotional post on Instagram on Wednesday, 30 September 2020, Sasa explained her hopes for her country and shared what she prays Botswana can achieve in the near future. “My beautiful Botswana. I pray for the peace we once bragged about in you. I pray for the goodness, humility, and values our people once shared amongst each other. I pray that the greeting dumelang continues to mean something to us as a sign of togetherness.” 

As one of the thousands of people impacted by the coronavirus, Sasa recently confirmed that she had made a full recovery after testing positive with COVID-19. The star, who revealed over a week ago that she had contracted the virus and was in quarantine after experiencing symptoms for a few days before eventually getting tested stated, "I tested positive for COVID 19. I had been experiencing symptoms since last week such as chills, fever, and loss of taste and smell. Found out they were doing tests at diagnosis yesterday so I went."

Sasa is one of the country's most famous and adored entertainers. She recently broke the internet when she took to Instagram to flaunt her sexy body in a post. The musician visited Mosha Wellness Spa and she had everyone breathing through the wound as she served the masses with some hot content to die for. 

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