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Sasa Klaas "Queen of Rap"

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Sasa Klaas is a female rapper, musician and media personality from Botswana. She has been in the spotlight for a number of years, and has been involved in television, music, rapping and dance.

She is known for her sexy dress sense and unprecedented dancing while on stage. She has made a mark as a female rapper, which has earned her the title of ‘Queen of Rap’. Her music genre is Hip Hop. She was also a presenter for ETV and HUB TV.

Here's a look at the life of one of Botswana’s most prominent artists, Sasa Klaas:

Sasa Klaas New Album

Sasa thrilled fans with an image of herself posing in an all-purple ensemble, captioned with lyrics from her song Mma Mongwato, which stated, “I’m the biggest chic to ever step in the game/ 3 years gone no other b*tch has stepped in my lane #CallMeMama”.

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A fan commented on the post asking the rapper about her impending album, to which she teased him with a diplomatic response which stated, “Eventually. Won’t say soon but it’s coming.” 

The young female rapper is not going to stop anytime soon from releasing bangers. 

Sasa Klaas Age

Sasa Klaas was born Sarona Mothlagodi on the 17th May 1993 to Anna and Shine Mothlagodi. She is 26 years old.

Sasa Klaas Family

She grew up in Lobatse, South Africa and Gaborone, raised by a single mother. She said she had to be responsible from a young age. “I was raised by my mom, so that made me very responsible because my mom had to work a lot.”

However, the fact that she had to take on so much responsibilty at such a young, does not seem to unsettle her jovial demeanor, continuing fondly on about her childhood.

Sasa Klaas Education

Sasa Klaas spent most of her schooling years in Lobatse, South Africa. She returned to Botswana for her tertiary education and studied Digital and Film Production at Limkokwing University.

After realising that the industry she was studying in was not exactly what she wanted, she dropped out of college to pursue her music.

She stated that although her focus has shifted to improving herself musically, she had however, not forgotten about her studies and planned on resuming them at a later point. She also expressed her deep passion for the film industry and that she is also quite interested in doing a course on business marketing and management.

Sasa says that despite her young age, she has a higher level of maturity than most would expect of her. “I act a lot older than my friends. I’m like the mom,” she says.
Her friend said, “she’s the first one to say’let’s go home’ when we’re out.”

The young musician recalls winning a competition. “I won a competition for doing the Macarena! My mom was so excited,” she said.

“I’ve never been afraid of performing! I always knew I wanted to be involved with music; from as far back as I can remember. I wasn’t always a good singer, so I diverted into rap. I told myself that if I wasn’t good at that, then I’d do something in performing arts,” she said.

Sasa Klaas Career

Sasa Klaas had her fame really take off when she collaborated with Scar on A Ke Mo Khande. She broke into the local hip hop scene through contacts and extensive interactions she had made while being the presenter of ‘The Foundation: Next Level’ on eBotswana from 2011 to 2012.

Sasa Klaas released her first solo single through the Spirit of Fancy Path Music Group (FPMG). The single was called ‘Hadsan’ and the group included her marketing manager, Onkabetse and creative director Kago. It was released at the same time as the launch of her ‘Hadsan’ clothing label.

Some of her other singles are ‘A re mo khandeng’, featuring Scar and Miss Nature, and ‘We Did It’.

She has also performed alongside local artists like Kast, Prezbeats, Magosi, Nature, Mosako and Tref.

She was nominated several times in the first Yarona FM Music awards in 2014.
Sasa also bagged a gig as a presenter on Highly Inappropriate with Phat Joe on Moja Love.

Sasa Klaas Boyfriend

Rumours had been circulating that Sasa Klaas and the Olympian silver medalist, Nijel Amos were and item. Sasa Klaas however, refuted the rumours.

“…Nijel and I are just friends and that’s just about it. I met Nijel at an event and it happened that we were sitting next to each other and photographers snapped us,” she said

Sasa Klaas Controversy

Sasa Klaas and Ozi F Teddy had been in a feud for a while, exchanging ‘diss tracks’ and intense words with each other. It began when Ozi F Teddy threw shade on female rappers, stating that they are sleeping on the job. Sasa Klaas came back with vengeance, releasing a diss track entitled 24. The 3 and a half minute track reveals all the skeletons in Ozi F Teddy’s closet.

“Don’t make me expose the sh** you used to say about Dilla. You wanna run with Faded now cause your sh** ain’t popping, you wanna talk about my family on the internet, but I was feeding your family before you had a cent,” she brutally expressed herself.

Sasa Klaas then told Showbiz in an interview, “People are getting it all wrong because this thing was not initially a diss track to Ozi, I was talking about different subjects, also proving that female rappers can spit dope bars. I had to include Ozi because I was fed up with him saying bad stuff about female rappers. He continues to show his sexism character and has previously said something about my family which offended me.”

Ozi F Teddy has gone to other extents where he insulted Ban T and Nijel Amos, both had been rumored to have dated Klaas. The song he recorded that caused the controversy was called “Same ho’s”.

“Back then I wasn’t responding to him because it was not worth it but when he started talking about my family and female rappers I felt offended. He is always bullying female rappers. He has shown lack of gratitude. I used to look after him buying food for his family and giving him pocket money,” she said. 

Despite the controversy, Sasa Klaas has managed to hold tight to her dreams and goals. She has inspired many young rappers and media personalities like herself, to be true to themselves and to keep pushing forward. 

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