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Sandile Shezi: Trailblazing our generation

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Sandile Shezi is a trailblazing entrepreneur formerly from the streets of Umlazi, a small township situated in Durban, South Africa. He is the founder and CEO of Global Forex Institute as well as the Founder of Rivoltare Pty Ltd, a wealth creation company in Durban.

The young business tycoon made a trip this year to Gaborone, Botswana for his international tour ‘Think like a Billionaire’.

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Here's a look at the inspiring life of Sandile Shezi:

Sandile Shezi Age

Sandile Shezi is 26 years old, however he has faced some sceptism over his age from many people due to his rather youthful appearance.

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Sandile Shezi Early Life

Shezi spent many years living on the streets of Durban, but he had been trading before he even became a teenager. He sold muffins at his school and later used money to trade forex while he was attending school. Making risky decisions along the way, he took tuition fees given to him by his friends and began trading with it online.

In his spare time, Sandile enjoys playing tennis and golf with his fellow associates and friends. He attests to the fact that the two games keep him entertained and focused.

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Sandile Shezi Education

Sandile has a National Diploma from the Durban University of Technology (DUT). He majored in Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communications from 2011-2012. 

The Sandile Shezi Foundation acknowledges the necessity of an educated population for the enhancement of national prosperity. There is a great limitation on the learning experience of many students due to functional problems that beset the African Education system. 

“To help in developing a more productive and inclusive school climate. The Sandile Shezi Foundation Educational Program looks to sponsor more than 2500 students with bursaries and scholarships by the year 2025.

Sandile Shezi Wife

Sandile Shezi was pictured in a cosy pose with a woman who appeared to be his wife. The picture was captioned with many sweet words that implied she is her own such success story (Miss Independent).

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“It seems like yesterday when we meet outside University! Little did I know I was meeting thee woman who would change my life forever! Thank you for believing in my crazy ideas. Ngiyabonga mamkhize for being by my side when it was not fashionable to be associated with me! I was a nobody, but you saw a somebody in me! I thank God for gracing me with an opportunity to live my dreams with my best friend. Friends pls join me in wishing this phenomenal woman a joyful life! Happy birthday baby, more wisdom and health.”
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Sandile Shezi Global Forex Institution

Trade master and Shezi’s longtime mentor, George Van Der Riet, partnered with him to start the Global Forex Institute. George Van Der Riet won the African Forex Cup in 2014 and 2015. 

The Global Forex Institute was intitated with the intent of creating more financial freedom for our country in address to the high levels of unemployment in South Africa.

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The Global Forex Institute also fully equips students for the forex trading world by providing first hand trading programmes. It purposes to assist students to go full time into the trading world by offering a lifetime mentorship programme. The Global Forex Institute is one of the first institutes to offer this programme and it has more than 10 000 successful students that have been offered this mentorship over the years.

It is a program that is one of its kind, offering seminars across the country with the most significant convenience of it being free of charge.

In 2019, Shezi took his international tour, Think Like A Billionaire  where he delivered 8 key principles on how to grow a business. He held his presentation at the Gaborone International Convention Centre (GICC). 

Sandile Shezi Philanthropy

Sandile Shezi has established a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of transforming the minds and lives of young people all across the African continent. The philosophy behind it is to enable Africans to assume responsible roles in the development of our nation through an emphasis on the enhancement of Education, Health and Wealth.

Making an important contribution to economic progress and better health is central to human well-being and productivity.

“The Sandile Shezi Foundation Health Program works to strengthen the capacity of marginalized populations by supporting their overall health and well being in an effort to touch more than 250 000 lives by the year 2025.” The Sandile Shezi Foundation also aims to have more than 2.5 million successful entrpreneurs by the year 2025.

Sandile Shezi Controversy

Sandile Shezi had the spotlight on him in 2015 with some controversial articles reportedly implying fraudulence in their program and the economist, Mike Schussler claimed that portions of their course were plagiarised.

Schussler said, “It’s a trick. It’s all bullshit. A lot of the people who sell these courses… the majority are schemes to fleece people out of money.”

There had also be reports that Shezi’s business partner George Van Der Riet had been convicted on charges of manslaughter in the UK.

Shezi responded to the allegations saying, “Van Der Riet spent 2 years as a guest of Majesty as a result of an altercation where a man sustained head injuries and died in hospital 3 days later.”

Regarding the allegations of plagiarism, Shezi stated that the modules were compiled for them before GFI was established. He said, “I took it personally upon myself to compare the notes. I could not find any ‘plagiarised’ sentences. I couldn’t find any correlation between the format and chapter headings at all. I did however notice that some of the pictures looked similar.”

In 2015, Minnie Dlamini dispelled rumours that she was caught up in a love triangle. Minnie was said to be showered with expensive gifts by Sandile Shezi and Quinton Jones was feeling uncomfortable. However, all this was far from the truth. 

Sandile Shezi Net Worth

Although Sandile Shezi did not have an easy childhood, he was however a remarkable character, taking bold and calculated risks that would have otherwise changed the entire course of his life. Sandile Shezi is estimated to have a net worth of $2.3 Million.

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At such a young age, Sandile Shezi has already made millions more than most people that have their 9-5 jobs. He found ways of making lots of money, took a risk and it paid off. Greatest thing is that he is sharing his knowledge as he wants to see other people succeed as well. 

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