What's Up With Samthing Soweto's Health?

Is he fine?

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Samthing Soweto
Born on 21 January 1988 in Soweto, Samkelo Lelethu Mdolomba popularly known as Samthing Soweto is one of God’s greatest gifts to South Africa’s music industry.

The gifted musician has been making news lately after concerns were raised about his health and weight loss.

Here is everything that has been going on in Samthing Soweto’s life lately including an update on his health.

What brought concerns about Samthing Soweto’s health?

Samthing Soweto, source: Facebook

In May 2022, concerns about Samthing Soweto’s health were raised by some of his fans after they noticed that he had lost some weight. It all started after Samthing posted a photo of himself on Facebook after getting a haircut asking his fans to rate his barber’s work.

As usual with social media users, there are always those who are not very kind with their words and took to the comments section to pose some insensitive remarks with regards to Samthing Soweto’s health with even some going to the extent of claiming that the talented singer was sick and others asking if he was dying.

Thankfully, the internet also has some good people and some of these good people came to Samthing Soweto’s defense and condemned those who were posting insensitive comments about his weight and health.

Samthing Soweto addresses comments about his health and weight loss

After concerns about Samthing Soweto’s health and many of his fans reached out, the Amagents hitmaker took to Instagram to post a video explaining that he was not dying.

In the video, he appreciated everyone who had sent their prayers, loving messages, and support to him.

He assured his fans that he was okay and not sick or dying. He explained that he had changed his lifestyle including his diet and physical activities and that had resulted in his weight loss.

He also explained that indeed he was going through a lot but that what he was dealing with was what most people deal with everyday and he wouldn't dwell much into it because it was personal.

Earlier on in the year, Samthing Soweto left his fans worried after he shared a video on Tik Tok and Twitter where he talked about mental health.

"I just want to say, life is tough, let's try and take care of each other, as much as we can. It's not easy. Take care of your family, life is really tough, it's really tough," he said.

Concerns about mental health especially among artists in the country have been on the rise especially since Riky Rick’s untimely death that took the country by surprise. It doesn’t help when social media users post insensitive comments about them which count as social media.

Samthing Soweto is not the first artist in South Africa to face attacks for his weight loss. In August 2021, another Amapiano artist- Jobe London woke up to news that he had “died” after some social media trolls pulled a death hoax on him. Jobe London through his lawyers issued a statement condemning those who were spreading lies about his health and threatened to sue them.

Other artists who have found themselves on the receiving end of cyberbullying because of their weight loss and change in appearance include Zola 7 and Psyfo.
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