Zikomo Awards Set Their Eye On Samantha Mogwe!

She is going places

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Samantha Kitlanang Mogwe is a singer and songwriter who fuse components of neo-soul and RnB in her dexterities. She has in the past headlined international events in countries like South Africa, Ethiopia, Namibia, Sweden and many other countries.

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The petite and ever-sizzling talent was launched into the limelight after her song that featured Zeus called “Rendition.” After stealing many hearts with the piece, her fame and fan base grew and she commanded attention on the stage both at home and abroad.

Born to a Motswana father and a Zambian mother, Samantha Mogwe was drawn to poetry and the performing arts. She continued to make her name in the country and beyond boarders.

The radio presenter wears many hats and has in the past assisted upcoming artist with their craft, one of her many selfless gestures. She has assisted many to find their right chord in the music industry and has been good at it. The talented star has poured onto others so that they can also grow. A

Though she has not been doing her coachings recently, they did come in handy in shaping the talents of those who were coming from behind her. We hope one day she will resume her lessons and her coaching seasons, she is such a star.

Recently she has been spotted by the Zikomo awards for her talent and her hard work and this is what she had to share with her followers on Instagram.

God is good @zikomoawards called and said they’ve been observing your girl. Please take time to go to their website and nominate me for the 2 categories: Best Afrocharts artist of the year and Best Artist of the year Southern Africa. It will take 2 seconds. Okay, maybe not 2 seconds 😅 but it won’t take much of your time. If you aren’t sure how to do it, I’ll add that in my stories,” she shared with her followers on Instagram.

Zikomo Africa Awards will take place in Lusaka, Zambia where several African individuals and organizations will be awarded and recognized for their reputable work in the country. 

The awards are an International Award ceremony that acknowledges and celebrates individuals and organisations who are contributing positively and doing well in various industries, eg Art and Entrepreneur.

 The main focus of this event is to reward, appreciate and recognize individuals and Charity organizations that are helping the underprivileged in the Zambian community.

Samantha Mogwe is not the only Motswana who was recognized by these awards, local and international model Kakanyetso Gabatsholwe also gained some recognition for her self after beating more than 300 000 models in Africa flat. 

She became one of the 50 models who were selected for the competition. The internationally recognised model will be gracing the Zikomo runway with her cat walk skills. We wish the duo the best as they will be representing the country in an international plartform. 

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