This Is How Samantha Mogwe Is Wrapping Up Women's Month

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Musician Samantha Mogwe has announced how she and other women will be wrapping up women's month.

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Samantha took to Instagram to announce that she will be part of the line up that will be serenading the crowd on the 28th of August in an event dedicated to the education of Jazz.

She said, "Wrapping up Women's Month with this show, “HER”, brought to you by Botswana Society for Jazz Education. Performing alongside amazing women in music, @ms.abbey, @bagas_rabantheng, @mis_chello and many more amazing women. Contact 72234740 for tickets. See you on the 28th of August"

Batswana are very excited for this event and cannot wait for it.

Ms. Abbey also shared on her Instagram. She said, "Join us as we celebrate HER, with all these people talented creatives✨The link will be provided once the payment is done☺️Tickets for the HER concert are P50.00 and can be purchased through the following payment platforms: Orange Money, Cash Send, FNB Ewallet or Cash Send to 72234740. Payments can also be paid directly to the Botswana Society for Jazz Education account: Fnb Airport branch. Branch code 288267. Account No 62 590654036"

These are some of the snaps of the event:

The Botswana Society For Jazz Education was formed to create a platform for jazz musicians and aspiring jazz musicians to grow, to share ideas and even have their work documented.

"As a society, we have realized a need for jazz education. There is also no documentation about jazz in Botswana, which makes it difficult for both teachers and students when it comes to teaching and learning about jazz as there is no local content to refer to. The society exists to also runs workshops and hosts festivals and exchange programs," ready the information from the website.

On the 13th of August, Samantha had an acoustic show at 8pm and judging from the snaps, fans were truly treated. We have FOMO.

People got a front row seat at Samantha Mogwe’s first virtual acoustic show. The show featured some of her classic songs and new music from an upcoming EP.  Kabelo Rapinyana of Mogwe’s management team told Time Out, “We were inspired to stage this show so that her music may enjoy her new works safely. Artists have not been doing much work in this COVID-19 era and we have now embraced the new normal of staging virtual shows.”

Samantha also performed her unreleased song titled ‘Marang.’ She is currently working on her new EP that will be released before the end of this year and will feature other local music groups.

Sammie said when it comes to composing songs, it depends on how the instrument that was sent to you makes you feel. “When it comes to writing music, when you listen to songs, songs that are written in a key with minor scales are usually very emotive and sad and so what often happens is that when people write their music you will realise that a lot of the sad songs come in minor keys. Major keys are usually happier songs. So I listen to where the instrument is taking me.

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