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Here's why she opts to gain weight instead of lose it

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We often see people speak about going to gym, to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. But not a lot of people speak about gaining weight and for what reason. Media personality Samantha Mogwe is very vocal about her weight gain journey and she also shared an incredible milestone.

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Songstress Samantha shared an inspirational body transformation where she has gained a few KGs. In the coming months, Samantha says she wants to focus on putting on weight and is aware that most people do not understand this concept.

Understandably so, seeing how a lot of people spend their days in the gym trying to shed a few kilos.

But her visits to the gym are not only to gain weight but also to improve her mental health, shape her mindset and just have a good approach to life as well.

"4kg up, 4 more to go. That’s the goal. People get shocked when someone says that they are trying to put on weight but that’s my goal for the next few months. To reconstruct not just my physical body but my mindset and approach to life in general," she shared.

Check out her incredible figure below:

Samantha is an avid gym goer and also does a few yoga classes as well.

The proud mama also never stopped working out despite having a growing baby in her belly. She took on an interest in boxing and had to improvise when she fell pregnant with her son.

She shared her boxing journey on how she cut out junk food, had to stop going to gym because of COVID-19 and took to the floor at home and so many more adjustments.

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"Started off the year by being the fittest I’ve ever been in my entire life! Last year, I started to fall in love with boxing and all the drills that @obis_fightclub made us do and frame 1 shows just how dedicated the ghel (girl) was. This was added onto kettlebell training as well as calisthenics training. My eating also became cleaner over the years, and no, I didn’t fully eliminate junk food, I just became less inclined to crave it and indulged once in a while."

Even though she stopped going to gym, she had the support of her gym family when they all opted to workout at home, "Frame 2 (week 34 pregnancy) was the hardest I’ve ever had to work. I stopped going to the gym in March and opted to workout from home and so I didn’t have the physical support of my gym family. I felt safer to train from home, being pregnant and quite unsure of COVID19 and what that would mean for me and my baby."

Despite carrying her baby till the final trimester, she never stopped working out, "And so we moved to remote training throughout the lockdowns. In my final trimester, Obi put me on kettlebell challenges that involved squats and presses and honestly speaking, all I wanted to do was to stay in bed a little bit longer instead of waking up to train  but I pushed through it because I knew it was good for us and no one could do these exercises for us. I didn’t have back or pelvic pains in my last trimester, Because the exercises really aimed at strengthening my pelvic muscles, back and midsection."

After giving birth, most women find the pressure to snap back and lose all the weight but for Samantha, she did not do any of that neither did she starve herself to Make sure she does not put on weight.

"This last frame is me today, 12 days post-partum. I’m not starving myself, not exercising and actually resting and eating quite a lot. I will get back to exercising in November. My mum is my main care-giver at the moment and has me on a high protein diet with loads of vitamins and minerals to allow my body to heal as well as good carbs and lots of fiber-rich foods. She also has me drinking loads of water (3 liters a day) and herbal tea so my milk production stays high!"

In closing her post, she shared that she encourages pregnant mama's to lead an active lifestyle, provided that they get their doctor's approval of course, "I’m a big advocate for training during pregnancy, if you have your doctors approval to exercise, please do so. Walk, do yoga or even swim, stay active. Do your research on ways to make your pregnancy more enjoyable and manageable, ask questions and don’t forget to take care of yourself not just physically as you create life but also emotionally!"

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