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Botswana-born singer, Samantha Mogwe, is amongst the many adults around the world forced to become digitally inclined in 2020. With the coronavirus pandemic causing many people to work remotely or study online, understanding technology has become an essential skill!

Samantha was #relatable in a recent tweet on Tuesday, 10 November 2020, where she shared her confusion when it comes to working on Microsoft Teams. The media personality explained that she was attending an online lecture when she was asked to switch the platform, which was left her completely stumped. 

She stated, “2020 is the year for us to familiarize ourselves with technology. Currently in an online class with Wits University that required me to download Microsoft Team and wow, all of us in the class are seeing dust. Scanning QR codes for registry to all sorts of other things.” Fans opened up the conversation with one person sharing that online classes were actually preferable. Samantha quickly agreed with his sentiments, however Botswana’s internet services have been the absolute pits, causing for the interactions in the class to be dragged. 

Nkalanga we Jackalas commented with, “2020 done showed a lot of people that ne ba tshaba computer classes or they were learning to pass not to use the skills. This is why we are so behind in terms of technology advancement cause, our society e tshaba go ithuta...”, to which Samantha responded with, “Mme kana there will be none of that anymore. Ke ipone Ke dirisa my phone to take a picture of a QR code and it opened to an online link and I was quite impressed coz I didn’t know you could do that.”

Whilst the internet situation has caused strain on Samantha, she has remained optimistic in all other regards.  In a year that has been filled with struggles and strife due to the coronavirus pandemic, Samantha Mogwe has attempted to restore some faith in her followers, who may be feeling like it has all been too much. As an entertainer in Africa, Samantha is amongst the many others who have seen a significant loss of income, allowing her to vouch for the advice she has shared with her fans.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, 4 November 2020, Samantha stated, “2020 has been a defining year. Some have flourished but unfortunately, many have stumbled through this year and are barely holding on by a thread. I just want to encourage you to keep your faith! Keep your faith! Keep your faith! God has brought you this far and He isn’t about to let you fall”. 

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