Samantha Mogwe's Son Is Her Workout Buddy Now

She is such a lucky mommy

By  | Nov 24, 2020, 03:22 PM  | Samantha Mogwe  | Top of The

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Local musician Samantha Mogwe and her firstborn are serving some real gym buddy goals, and we are here for it.

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The fitness mom recently shared a glimpse from her Tuesday workout session and she did it with her son. In a post on Instagram Samantha can be seen jumping and using a skipping rope for her workout with her son in the background also imitating what she is doing.

The musician said her son imitates everything they do and said she is very careful of what she does when she is around him.

"2020 really has shown me that this boy mirrors most of what we do and what we say. From how we speak; to wanting to exercise; to how we process emotions better when we are upset. They imitate EVERYTHING!
I am constantly challenged to want to be better for him and his sister and I absolutely love every minute of the challenge," she wrote
Samantha who recently visited a doctor posted a picture on Instagram posing with her son and praised his curiosity. She said he wanted to know why he needed to go to school whilst they were heading out to see a doctor.

The musician joked and said they might have a lawyer in the making because he is always asking too many questions. "This one wanted to know why he has to go to school while all of us were heading to the doctor!

Samantha recently shared that women have been pleading with her to start virtually training them whilst pregnant and after they have given birth. She said it would be wrong of her to train them because she is not a certified fitness trainer.

She stated, “I get an influx of inboxes from pregnant women and batseetsi wanting me to train them. Pregnancy/post pregnancy is such a delicate time; it would be wrong of me to train anyone when I’m not a certified fitness trainer. Kana I don’t even train myself. Busy telling @obis_fightclub that we need to do an Insta-live interview so he explains some things. He is qualified and I trust him with my life so it would be best it comes from him.”

Taking to her Instagram story on Tuesday, 27 October 2020, the singer shared how she remained stretch-mark free during her pregnancy, “I have had people asking me what to put on their belly during pregnancy. This is what I used for both pregnancies and I don’t have a single stretch mark on my belly. Please note, it might or might not work as there are other factors to consider such as how much stretching your belly has endured as well as some skin just being prone to stretch marks. But, at least it doesn’t hurt to try.”

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