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Celebs Now vs Then

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Time changes a lot, in fact, if anyone gave you a picture of yourself from five years ago you might beat them up.

To think of an image of yourself before you had good quality cameras, makeup or even camera filters is one very hard thing to do. It is no surprise that there are those who would not even identify themselves.

In this article, you will get to see what some of your favourite celebrities looked like a while back. Take time to reflect on how far you have come from and surely you will be thankful, that's a guarantee.

1.      Miss Geekay

Miss Geekays dabbles in radio and TV presenting and she leaves no stone unturned to make sure that she delivers her craft impeccably. The star has given fans a glimpse of how she looked in 2017. The radio star showcased a throwback picture of how skinny she looked. Sis laughed at how Instagram keeps on showing her how skinny she was. Khumo has now grown into her body and shows a more voluptuous look in comparison to how she looked back in 2017.

2.      Alicia Ferguson 

The mother-and-daughter’s close relationship is one that Connie has let us into for years now. The two are responsible for the sometimes comical, sometimes touching and sometimes just downright slayage dance videos. Every other week the two have spoilt us with Ali taking her mother on a dance journey, which depending on the style of dance, Connie will either be goals and keep us wondering if her second try will be better. 

In June 2020, Connie shared throwback images of her youngest daughter, and goodness – she was cute as a button!

3.      Lesedi Matsunyane

Connie’s eldest daughter also makes the list! The mother-of-one definitely his famous family’s genes from a young age, as she showcased her boisterous personality in images from her childhood – shared by Ali. Whist Lesedi might have the personality of her family, now that she is grown, she plans on creating a life away from her mother and father. 

“This industry is not a basket of roses. Rhythm City is a big deal to me because of its platform and its reach to the South African audience, especially the youth. It also came at a time when I had taken a hiatus to focus on casting, so it reaffirmed to me that I’ve still got it”, she told TshisaLIVE.

Yes, she's the daughter of very connected parents, Connie & Shona Ferguson but Lesedi didn't get any privileges or gigs because of them and their popularity.

“Funny enough, even though there will always be nepotism claims, I’ve definitely built up a repertoire where, even though my families are linked, my craft still speaks for itself. That in itself is a blessing.”

4.      Samantha Mogwe 

She is a singer and songwriter who fuses elements of neo-soul and RnB in her craft. With pipes for DAYS, she has performed in  Ethiopia,  Sweden, Namibia, South Africa, and many other countries. A multifaceted queen, she is a wife, a mother, a radio presenter, a voice coach, a businesswoman and a fitness enthusiast.

In 2019, she shared a throwback image of herself – giving fans a glimpse at her childhood. She captioned the post with, “Talk about a THROWBACK. So this was my favourite thing to wear. I wore this swimsuit after every wash and I called it a “swimming pool”. What’s the one thing you couldn’t do without as a 3/4-year-old?”.

5.      Kagiso Sento 

Fashionista turned DJ Kagiso Sento, has seriously been upping her fashion game in the country and she is known to be quite a fashion goddess.  When it comes to good looks they are always top-tier -clean and stunning and she sure does know how to cause a stir on social media. Kagiso is never one to shy away from trying out new looks and she always pulls out all the stops to leave her legion of fans in awe of her beauty.

Needless to say – that just over 11 years ago, she was keeping it pretty basic! Take a look at her major throwback!
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