Sadi Dikgaka Doesn’t Care About The Haters

“I believe in being my authentic self”

By  | Oct 05, 2020, 09:03 PM  | Sadi Dikgaka  | Top of The

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Botswanan media personality, Sadi Dikgaka, has been living her life in the spotlight for many years, and has found herself at the centre of cyber bullying on many occasions. With a strong social media presence, the influencer is constantly ridiculed for her clothes, her statements and her relationships. After experiencing it one too many times, Sadi chose to speak out about how damaging social media can be to those who are unable to remain unaffected by it. 

She stated, “People tend to have a thought that if you are a public figure, you need to have a certain image, you need to have a certain look and you need to be a certain way. There are days where I hit the nail on the head and there are days when I don’t.” 

She went on to explain that she is praying for those who constantly have negative things to say about others, because they need love and light to find them. “May you be content in knowing that perfection is an illusion and subject to whoever it is.” 

Sadi made specific mention of the times that she was body shamed for particular outfits that she had worn, and how people had made in their sole mission to degrade and undermine her. She assured her followers that no matter what anyone had to say about her, haters are incapable of taking away from her confidence. 

Messages of praise came flooding in following her Instagram video, including a message from Gaona Dintwe who commented with, “This is such a powerful message Sadi, your wisdom and contentment in God is truly admirable. I respect and love you little sis. You are beautiful inside and out and may you continue being such a graceful and positive person as God continues to use you to impact humanity. I haven’t caught up with what happened but it resonates completely, thank you for the encouragement.”
Picture credit: Innoe tee Guccaz
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