Sadi Dikgaka Announced As Face Of Jameson Botswana’s New Campaign

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Botswana-born social media influencer, Sadi Dikgaka, continues to rise as one of the most prominent celebrities in the country, with her big name partnerships that has everyone talking. In an Instagram post today, 15 October 2020, Sadi stated, “I'm so excited to announce my partnership with @jamesonbw on their new project. Community is so important to me and that is exactly what is at the heart of this campaign. I can’t wait to reveal more details!”.

Dressed in an olive green ensemble that matched the colour scheme of the brand, Sadi posed for a series of promotional images that also appear on the Jameson Botswana Instagram page. Jameson nor Sadi have shared further information about the new campaign is about, however fans speculate that it relates to family. In an Instagram post on Wednesday, 14 October 2020, the brand captioned a video of Sadi with, “Family isn't only a bond forged by blood, it connects us when we level up together.”

Sadi’s latest partnership signifies herself as one to watch in the Botswana celebrity space, however her rise to fame has already come with some negativity. In an Instagram video at the beginning of October, the social media influencer made mention of the criticism she has faced as a public figure, and how she will strive to not be affected by it. 

She stated, “People tend to have a thought that if you are a public figure, you need to have a certain image, you need to have a certain look and you need to be a certain way. There are days where I hit the nail on the head and there are days when I don’t.” 

She went on to explain that she is praying for those who constantly have negative things to say about others, because they need love and light to find them. “May you be content in knowing that perfection is an illusion and subject to whoever it is.” 

Sadi made specific mention of the times that she was body shamed for particular outfits that she had worn, and how people had made in their sole mission to degrade and undermine her. She assured her followers that no matter what anyone had to say about her, haters are incapable of taking away from her confidence.

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