Resego Motlhokathari's Dream Comes True

"God never says NO, he says NOT NOW"

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It's true what they say - dreams delayed, are not dreams denied! Radio and Television presenter Resego Motlhokathari is rejoicing as he just bagged an opportunity of a lifetime.

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Resego Motlhokathari's career is on an upward trajectory as he just scored a major hosting gig on BTV Dumela Botswana Breakfast Show.

Taking to social media, Resego revealed how much he wanted this job for a very long time, but thanks to his patience and understanding, he waiting it out till it came to pass.

"God never says NO, he says NOT NOW. For years I wanted this job but because he knew I was not ready, he delayed the offer. In 2022 I claimed it," he started off his post.

He then wished all the people who are waiting patiently for their turn, to get their breakthrough. Fans have wished the star well on his newest achievement and they could not be any more proud.

BTV Dumela Botswana Breakfast Show airs from Monday to Friday starting a 6AM-8AM.

His rumoured bae, Miss Gee Kays also wished him well and called him her BFF.
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Resego starts this year off with a band and in the beginning of the year, he asked for God to keep showering him with an abundance of blessings. He is a person who is very strong in prayer and spreading positivity on the timelines.

He does his job so well at with his segment, Sunday Ballads from 9AM to 12AM as well. He has been holding it down for a couple of years. He is also a very good model and has an explosive style sense.

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A few things to know about this star is that he sadly lost his parents, which is also part of why he wants to excel so much in his career. "I want to praise my late Mom and Dad. In life, you will lose someone you can't live without, and your heart will be badly broken and the bad news is that you never completely get over the loss of your beloved.  But this is also good news.

"They live forever in our broken heart that doesn't seal back up. It's like having a broken leg that never heals perfectly- that still hurts when the weather gets cold, but you learn to dance with the limp. I have learned so much within that pain and made me know myself better. Always remember:  'Sometimes God calms the storm, but sometimes God lets the storm rage and calms His child. He has made my heart calm, the best gift ever."

Resego's journey into stardom is always refreshing to talk about. He hails from a village in Botswana called Good Hope. His first taste of stardom started when he hosted a show on Duma FM called The Flight.

He currently hosts on RB2 airwaves since the year 2013. What a hardworking man. Congratulations Resego!

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