Miss GeeKays & Resego Motlhokathari Ever A Couple?

Unfortunately they are best friends

By  | Jun 21, 2022, 03:59 PM  | Resego Motlhokathari  | Top of The

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Miss Geekays and Resego Motlhokathari broke the internet in the past years with their sizzling snaps. The two have formed a formidable bond that no one could break. They were serving relationship goals and were always tied to one another.

Their careers jelled as well as their sense of style. They were both the best event host as well as the best radio presenters. People however assumed it was more of an affair than a friendship. The two have kept their relationships personal and kept themselves in the limelight causing many to jump into conclusions. Yet it was just a friendship going on.

Celebrity couples are what people look up to. Before their break up, Minnie Dlamini and her husband was the best thing happening at the time people could not get enough of them. The lovebirds that gave couple and marriage goal vibes were the talk of Mzansi. Their marriage, engagement, and properties were all over the news. People always admired them. These are the perks of being a celebrity. However with them and many other celebrities like DJ Zinhle & AKA who also later broke up, something was going on compared to Resego and Miss Geekays. Friendships can be so valuable that it ends up being confused for a love affair.

Miss GeeKays and Resego have never in the past publicly declared their relationship nor have they denied the claims of their affair. Resego describes Miss Geekays as a friend he never had in the past. The two have been friends for many years now and they even notify each other every time there is a gig on events or brands. They have collaborated on so many occasions when it comes to working with different goals. They have mastered the art of true friendship and what it means to have each other’s back. 

The two sometimes went together on vacations and shared their hot snaps on Facebook and Instagram.  They have posed together in the latest fashionable outfits. The Rb 2 presenters both have a thing for fashion. Hence they also pose in matching outfits and super glamorous clothing. Sometimes they post half-naked pictures and in very romantic proximity, planting ideas in many people’s minds. It’s no doubt that they always look dapper, fresh, and breathtaking but it is not proof enough that they are an item. They are just two friends who have the same goals and dreams in life.

The ever-stunning personalities worked together to host much-anticipated shows like the African Attire on Fleek event and they have always delivered. They have done so many things together like advertising brands together. The fact that they have made people believe that they are an item has worked for their brands, both individually and as partners. They always make a good partnership and fans will never stop being amazed by their beautiful snaps on vacations, beauty spas, pools, and in the most beautiful places. At least they give people an idea of how couples should be. That they should smash goals together without hesitation.

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