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Ever since Resego Motlhokathari blossomed into the person he is now on social media, he has definitely shown that he is a force to be reckoned with.

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These are some of the fashion statements that we keep going back to because wow, he did the most here.
Now this fashion statement had many people talking. Resego's fashion game was dragged by several social media users who felt it was too much. Although his suit game was on another level, one tweep felt it was giving him some "gay vibe" and one tweep replied by saying "Dear Sir/Madam."

Posting the snap on Twitter Resego quoted SA media personality Bonang Matheba who once said "They have to talk about you because when they talk about themselves nobody listens" in a subtle way to silence haters.

The suit has been trending in many countries and Resego has since become the talk of the towns. Despite some negative comments on his outfit, the star seems unbothered by the fashion critics.

Although some criticized his outfit, some tweeps hailed him for being confident and rocking his outfit without being scared of what trolls might say. "I love that you're a risk-taker and you're proving to yourself to and everyone else that it can be done. It's nothing we are used to but for me, it takes the cake, yeah maybe there and there it could have been bettered but it's still perfect either way," wrote @Prynce_Lothbrok.
The TV and radio host has established himself as 
a fashionista who makes a statement every time he steps out and his content on his Instagram account will leave you in awe.

Since rising to stardom, Resego has achieved a lot of success in the industry. Resego hails from Good Hope- a village in Botswana. The influencer rose to prominence after hosting a show on Duma FM called The Flight.

He has amassed thousands of social media followers. On Facebook, he has over 244 000 followers, and on Instagram, he has over 65 000. It is no secret that it can be challenging to stay relevant and maintain an admirable level of consistency in this industry because it is ever-evolving.

However, Motlhokathari's charismatic personality has helped him to stay winning. He has been on the RB2 airwaves since 2013 and his relevance and consistency are a reflection of his hard work and determination.

It without a doubt that Resego has been making his family proud. In 2018 he opened up about the passing of both of his parents and how it left him devastated.

Another TSWAleb that has us breathing through the wound is Masi Sithole.

The TV presenter has earned her trendsetter title with her breathtaking fashion pieces and she continues to leave her legion of fans mesmerized by her beauty. Whether she is attending an award show or she is just heading out to buy a loaf of bread, sis always brings on some heat.

Her style is impeccable and she compliments it with her beautiful skin and body. A first glance at her Instagram profile proves that she is a fashionista of note and she always puts her best fashion foot forward to impress.

We love good fashion statements and we will forever be on the lookout for those pieces that give us life.

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