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Dr Rebecca Malope: 'The African Queen of Gospel'

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Dr Rebecca Malope has been a South African Gospel singer for over three decades and is a multi-award winning artist. She is known as ‘The African Queen of Gospel’. She is a singer, songwriter and television hostess. She has released 35 albums that have gone multi-platinum, selling over 10 million albums around the world.

Rebecca Malope frequents Botswana, blessing her adoring fans with her presence and talent. 

“We know that Malope has been here before, but her fans are in love with her music whenever she touches down.” said Thanic Holdings spokesperson, Thatayaone Matlapeng

Here's a look at the compelling life story behind the talent of Rebecca Malope:

Rebecca Malope Age

Dr Rebecca Malope was born Batsogile Lovederia Malope. She is 51 years old and was born on the 30th June 1968 in Lekazi near Nelspruit in Mpumalanga.
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Rebecca Malope Family

As a child, she became wheelchair bound for a length of time due to an illness, leaving doctors convinced that she would never walk again. She eventually healed and regained her mobility. 

As children, she and her sisters sang hymns in the local church choir. She joined a gospel group in her teenage years that lead her to Johannesburg where she caught the attention of producer, Sizwe Zako. 

She is married to Themba Tshabalala and they have three children together, Noluthando Malope, Zweli Malope and Thandeka Malope.
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Rebecca Malope Career

Rebecca Malope’s music career began in 1984 when she made her way to Johannesburg. In 1985 she entered a television contest Shell Road To Fame, but was unsuccessful. In 1986 she met Sizwe Zako who remembered her from the show and who owned Gallo Studios. The following year, under the guidance of Sizwe Zako, Rebecca Malope won the Shell Road To Fame competition as a solo artist in the category of Female Vocalist.
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Malope sang the gospel song Shine On dedicated to the Apartheid struggle in South Africa. Malope then released her debut album Sthembile Kuwe and in 1989 she released two more albums Thank You Very Much and Woza Lovely that went platinum. The title track was Buyani dedicated to the struggling heroes, specifically former president Nelson Mandela.

In 1992 Rebecca released her first full gospel album Rebecca Sings Gospel and was the first to be played alongside mainstream Afrikaans music. It has sold over one million copies and is regarded as one of the best gospel albums in the history of South Africa.

She went on to release albums in 1993, 1994 and 1995 and continues on with her latest and 36th album release this year.

She was quoted in a local newspaper saying: “In Ukuthula people must expect rejuvenating sounds and I love the whole album. I decided on that name after thinking about the state the world is in today. People have no peace. There is war everywhere, even in churches. I want people to come together and more importantly have peace in their lives, so that we can have peace in the world.”
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Rebecca Malope Controversy

In March this year a media war of words broke out between the Malope and her longtime business collaborator, Sizwe Zako.

Sixty year old Zako accused Rebecca of failing to make a R20 000 payment to him.

Zako said that he was approached by Malope to work on the said Easter Album and to save costs they would work in his Midrand home studio.

“She was excited when she came to my place and heard the melodies. On the spot she calls a studio,” he said

“The studio tells her the price to record the songs and she ended up complaining about it being expensive.

That’s when I suggested that we do some of the work at my studio.”

Apparantly Malope paid an alternate studio that they had recorded in on the same project.

“She never complained about the song and she was glad to say ‘I have Soweto Gospel Choir’ and they just won a Grammy,” he said

Zako seemed dismayed at circulating rumours of Malope tarnishing his name amongst industry peers. 

“Everything has been going well. She could have sat me down and said ‘I think this is not working. For the years that we worked together our working relationship has been a success as the whole country knows. I don’t know what got into her. There has never been a big fight,” he said

Malope couldn’t be reached for a comment on this matter, however her daughter, Noluthando Malope, said: “I know that story, but its definitely not that way. They are still in studio and busy with that because the songs are supposed to be in her upcoming album. It’s not even a complete project until the album is complete.”

Early this year Rebbeca Malope also shocked fans as she announced in an interview to Move! Magazine that her 36th album might be her last release. The gospel star said, “I think that I have done a lot and the years have gone. My 36th Album is so beautiful, and I have collaborated with my kids such as Dumi Mkokstad, Lebo Sekgobela, Amadonana Asewesile, Soweto Gospel Choir and many more, I wanted to say goodbye on a high note.”

She has now taken some time away from all entertainment platforms, with the intent on sharing and discussing the life lessons she has learnt in her career spanning the decades.

Rebecca Malope has Graced our country with her pioneering spirit in the Gospel Music Industry during our nations greatest era of inequality. She has broken the mold for many successors and continues to be a symbol of hope to millions.

Rebecca Malope Networth

The 30 year career of Rebecca Malope has seen her become one of the wealthiest musicians in South Africa. She has an estimated networth of R68.25 million. She has been one of the dominating forces in the entertainment industry for three decades and her wealth can be attributed to her collective talents in music and television broadcast.

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