Rami Chuene's Hilarious Fashion Police Moment

It's a solid NO from her

By  | Oct 19, 2020, 10:00 AM  | Rami Chuene  | Top of The

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Rami Chuene is bold and never shies away from from stating her opinion. From politics to the Arts, she is always vocal even if it is to crack a joke. One such moment presented itself yesterday when a tweep praised a toddler's outfit fashioned after Affrikaans farmer staple clothing.

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Rami took one look at the outfit and gave it a resolute zero. 

"No. Never. Never in a million years and I can easily give you 1652 reasons."

The number 1652 is in reference to the year the white settlers arrived in South Africa.

Naturally her fans understood the joke and joined in the fun. 

"Ngwana wa van wyk can wear that whike watering the veggies at the farm"

"1652 reasons Three of them are named Dromedaris, Rejiger and De Goede Hoop"

"They look scary like some terrorist scarecrow or sumthin"

"Bloody hell I will burn those things if found them in my house"

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Main Image Credit: Rami Chuene / Twitter
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