Prince Kaybee: "My Cousin Was Shot At 3 Times"

He was highjacked

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Earlier today, producer and DJ, Prince Kaybee revealed that his cousin was shot at three times while driving his mother's car. The car was highjacked while he was in it. The controversial producer shared the not-so-pleasant news through his social media, asking his followers to help him find the car which is a Mercedes Benz E Class.

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"My cousin got hijacked last night, Moms Benz is gone, my cousin was shot at 3 times and hopefully managed to escape. Found him this morning. Please contact 0725153896 when you spot the car. Registration: HGL 865 FS"

His cousin, who was reported missing managed to escape. The car was hijacked by four armed men with the driver inside the car. The German car was last spotted in Katlehong in the East Rand, Johannesburg.

Prince Kaybee is a huge fan of Mercedez Benz cars and is very fond of his mother's car. He also owns three Mercs which he loves showing off on social media to his followers. He recently added a G class to his collection.

One of his followers, who claims to work for a car tracking company, assured Prince Kaybee that the recovery team is currently looking for the car.

"I looked up on the vehicle that was taken from your cousin, I work at the tracking company that the vehicle HGL865FS is signed under and I was able to speak to Mr Mallane Setsubi, who was then able to confirm that the vehicle was indeed hijacked. I have informed the recovery team."

Some fans have blamed Prince Kaybee for the car being highjacked. They're saying that because he likes showing off his personal belongings on social media, this makes him a target and attracts thugs. The Wajelwa hitmaker is yet to respond to any of the comments from his followers. He also hasn't given any update since revealing that the car has been highjacked in the morning.

The man, who's been accredited for being one of the very few celebrities to open up the industry recently released a new project titled - Project Of Hope. In the album, he worked with 9 female vocalists. He created the project with the intention of making a platform for up and coming singers to showcase their talents.
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Main Picture Credit: Prince Kaybee Instagram Account
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