Perfectly Peelo Is Head Over Heels In Love

...And she cannot hide it!

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Spring has sprung and love is blossoming in celebville. Peelo Mookodi also known as Perfectly Peelo, is one person who is head over heels in love, and she cannot hide it.

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The year 2020 has been nothing short of amazing for many celebs who have decided to bid farewell to the single life. Whilst some of us are still bachelors and bachelorettes some of our renowned celebs have found love and they do not shy away from letting us into their romance.

Even those who have been in love prior to the year 2020, they have been going strong, proving that love lives here indeed. A few scrolls down their timelines leaves you feeling all sorts of envy because they just look too good together!

They're totally in love and don't miss any opportunity to speak about their new romance or flaunt them on social media. Peelo has found a resident of her heart in her mysterious boyfriend.

In her Instagram stories, the presenter decided to show us a glimpse of her bae and of course opting to hide his face honey. Peelo decided to put an emoji of a person blowing kisses with hearts and yes, that is her bae.

This lovely pairing usually flies under the radar and it isn't even known how long they've been riding together, Ah to be young and in love!

It's hard to believe that a few years ago, Peelo was an aspiring presenter, and now fast forward to 2020, baby girl is grown and head over heels in love with her Bae!

With all the latest breakups in celebville, coming across a couple that still has this love thing in 2020 is nothing short of inspiring.

Peelo stole our hearts in 2018, when she became a finalist in the Top Billing Presenter Search and although she didn't win the official title, she is still taking the win for us in 2020.

Another couple that has been shwoing each other some love on social media is Connie and Shona Ferguson. In a sweet Instagram story recently, Connie decided to gush over her hubby by dedicating the song "Have I Told You Lately" by singer and songwriter Rod Stewart to him.

Connie posted an Instagram story with Shona's picture and decided to add music to the song, just to show her bae that she still has his back. Shona responded by saying "I love you more." ahh, that is so sweet and inspiring.

Image Cred: Instagram @PerfectlyPeelo
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