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Palesa Molefe, who was named Miss Botswana 2021, has navigated the waters with ease while leaving her countrymen thirsty for more. Botswana concurs that Miss Molefa's crowning in October 2021 was a well-deserved honor.

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Palesa is unquestionably a source of delight for her proud mother because she is her only child. Palesa Molefa mentions that she takes her strength and life skills from her one and only strong mother who has a huge heart. Undoubtedly, Palesa Molefa and her lovely elderly mum have the same beauty genes.
Photo Credit; Miss World/ Palesa Molefa

Palesa is about to end her reign and hand over the button stick, but Botswana thinks this is just the beginning of her ascent to much higher heights. The people of Botswana and even those outside its borders have benefited from her reign, which has been highly colorful. She has successfully made a difference in all the areas she has pursued, including tourism, charity, education, and many more. I have no doubt that Palesa picked up a ton of new knowledge along the way that she was unaware she would acquire.

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Palesa has had the opportunity to socialize with major corporations as Okavango The Diamond Company in addition to visiting and dining with the president and his wife at the state house. During her reign and as part of her professional development, she has traveled to the Khoemacau Mines in Toteng, Maun, and the Debswana Mines in Orapa.
Pic Credit; Miss World / Palesa Molefa

Palesa recently graced the US embassy's Independence Day reception event and was seen interacting with members there. Without a doubt, this girl would fit in anywhere.

There is so much confidence in the queen in Botswana that some are even urging her to run for Miss Universe because they are confident she would win.

She has travelled the world over, interacting and mingling with other queens from various countries. She has made friends, acquaintances, and a ton of contacts that she believes will help her advance to the next stage of her profession. Even at her darkest hours, she maintained her composure, and for that, she has received considerable praise.

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She has served as queen of Botswana with great dignity, and now that she is handing over the button stick, her magnificent reign has come to an end. Through the generosity of FNB Bank, which gave the always-smiling queen a P50,000 gift to thank her for her reign.
Photo Credit FNBB/Facebook

The FNBB used social media to say goodbye to the queen, showing her a lot of appreciation and affection. As the departing queen prepares to end her reign, supporters have expressed their affection and well wishes.

Miss Botswana 2022 is still getting ready for the big day when the next queen will be chosen. Botswana anticipates having a new queen who is modest and down to earth, who will be a national treasure and a gem of a woman.
Picture Credit; Facebook/Miss Botswana

As Palesa Molefa ends on such a lovely note, best wishes to her as well. As we await the coronation of the next queen. Congratulations to the Miss Botswana 2022 Top Ten Finalists. Look out for the Grand Finale which will be hosted on the 22nd of October 2022 at Fairscape Precinct. 

Main Picture Credit; Palesa Molefa / Facebook

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