Oneal Brings The Timeline To A Standstill

His touching words to Naledi have us weeping

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The death of a loved one is something that is never easy to overcome. Some people just don't and they learn to live with the pain each day. For Media personality, Oneal Madumo, he spends his days reminiscing about the beautiful Naledi Willers whose untimely passing shook the nation.

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Naledi Willers, of The Real Housewives Of Johannesburg fame, tragically lost the battle with cancer two months ago. She had been open about this battle with the illness on her social media platforms. Naledi shared with her fans that she was diagnosed with stage 2 triple negative breast cancer on November 29, 2019. She had just written her law exam when she found out.

Sadly, in December 2021, Naledi lost her life to this dreadful disease and her loved ones are still coming to terms with this.

Oneal who shared the exact time she left which according to him is "2 month. 9 weeks, 62 days, 1,483 hours, 89.032 Minutes and 5, 341, 959 seconds."

Oneal said Naledi knew her time was near and that she wanted them to have a serious conversation about it, but he was not ready, "I was assured the unfairness of It will eventually go away, well, It has not. I haven’t been able to escape the platitudes either Lol (Inside Joke) I realise you knew this was coming. But you were counting on me coming to terms with this as soon as possible as time was running out. You wanted us to have an intellectual conversation about this, to pathologize your “End”, but I was none the wiser. Perhaps I wasn’t ready?

Oneal penned a very sweet message and expressed his feelings in a deeper sense. "The paradox is, as you were declining and crumbling under the burden of fighting for your life, somehow I was becoming more alive. I began to feel in ways I haven’t felt before, It was almost as if you had mechanically initiated a transfer of emotions to me for “safe-keeping”, for purposes of my own Cognitive Impairments.

"It is not self-evident why you shared as verbosely as you did towards the end. Your passing challenged my proclivity, all my go-to trauma responses have vanished, and as irony would have It, the only person I could spar with on this matter happens to be you Whitey, the subject of this seemingly never ending stream of consciousness."

He then began to school people on what Fading Affect Bias (FAB) means and said at some point he should study psychology but people should not beat him up if he does not. In all, he said he misses Naledi, "All I meant to say was I miss you, that's all."

Read the rest of his message below:

Naledi opened up about her fight with breast cancer after Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 2020.

"If I look like I've just been through a war, it's because I have."

"The world buckled down and braced for the impact of COVID-19 while each day I was terrified that an encounter with the virus while on chemotherapy could result in my death due to my compromised immune system. In truth the lockdown also offered me shelter to go through all I have and still am going through out of the public eye... life is what you make it and we choose how to look at things. This is how I chose to look at my reality," said the reality TV star.

In her message, she mentioned how Oneal fought this battle with her in their 12 years of friendship.

"In this message I cannot fail to mention those who have held me up both physically and emotionally through this time: @blackbarbielish for opening her home, heart and family to myself and my mother. For never leaving my side. @onealafrica for being more than any label can ever encompass since we met twelve years ago... but my brother and best friend through it all."

"My name is Naledi Willers. Breast cancer survivor among so much else. But for now you can call me NALEGEND."

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