One Comedian Said To be Dying Soon: Batswana Suspect Penene

Said to be dying in a car accident

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Apostle Mojadigo continues to be making more of his shocking prophecies about the death of many people in the country and this time around he has made yet another shocking word that has left many wondering who could be next. He said he is seeing another bird of death taking the lie of a comedian in the country and he said he will also die with an accident.

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He further stated that he saw the names clearly and his grave but he won't be disclosing names due to fear of scrutiny from the public. According to his word of prophecy a woman is behind all that will happen to this comedian

However, Batswana are only hoping that it can only not be their beloved comedian Penene Ponono, who was allegedly in a relationship with a certain woman, way older than her. When the Apostle was told to reveal the names of the comedian, he took his ground and refused. Batswana are just left with nothing to do but just to make prayers available but according to the man of God, there is nothing that can be done, the comedian will surely go but God forbid!

“Mme ke hoo Mokgatlhisi (Comedian) mo Botswana o phamolwa ke nonyane ya Leso. Ke bone le lone Lebitso la gagwe , ga mmogo le ko a tswang teng. Ga ke ka le Manega gone fana, ke tla gagautlhiwa ke lefatshe ka bophara. Ba mo etse ka Dinakana bodibeng.. Mosadi ke yo.. Mme hela ba tla mo thankgola ka Kotsi ee masisi ya Koloi.”
Howevr another man of God has publicly come out to say that nothing will happen to Penene Ponono. He has further urged Penene to live his life as these people are trying to instill fear on him. According to the man of God the prophecy which was said this morning could possibly be pointed to Penene Ponono.

“Nothing will happen to you. Leave your life sir. Enjoy your life. But my advice  is don't be far from God like other celebrities...the other thing is love Lala not to provoke anyone just love her and stay cool no need to talk of others. Many will try impose fear in your life because of the situation  of now....but trust me no one will kill you at peace sir. My name is Bishop Kitso Bome  I approve this message .Tag him if you know him."
 Recently the country has been splurged with blood across the country. A lot of people are being killed. These deaths skyrocketed after the young boy by the name of Tlotso Karema was killed by his stepfather and the mother was being fingered in the death of this child who was killed for rituals. 

After this incident, a woman was killed in front of his child, in this inhuman killing, they removed her brain and cut her into pieces and removed her lungs, and dumbed her by the kitchen zinc. Another 16-year-old boy was found dead after he told his family he was going out to take a jog. He was later found dead. Recently a woman in Molepolole was stabbed to death. All these incidents were revealed beforehand by Aposle Mojadigo.


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