Vee Mourns his Grandfather

Sento family pillar falls

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 Bereavement falls upon the Sento family as they announce the passing of Odirile also known as Vee Mampeezy’s Grandfather.

 It is on recent hours that the iconic Kwaito star reports that he has been through turmoil in the early hours as they had just lost his grandfather.  A man he announced to have been loving and a pillar of the Sento family clan. Mampeezy does not put much on social media about his family except his nuclear one with his wife Kagiso, but this time around he did not hesitate to share his pain with the world. 

Condolences fall off from the star’s fans as they notice the pain which is held within the artist as he briefly beard out his heart about his grandfather and his passing. The now ordained giant in his works is said to have laid out his life to serving the nation of Botswana. He is said to have been part of the Botswana Police Service in his time in 1958, as one of the first officers to serve for the nation.

This great man is reported to have gone on in his career as the officer of the law to stand as the Station Commander in Serowe and Letlhakeng villages. The young star mentions upon their family tree, he stands as the great Sento’s first grandchild and he has carried all his life a name that was befitted to him by his grandfather, ‘Odirile Sento’.  

This name given to him has been a name that lived up to its owner, as he has indeed done great things upon Botswana’s entertainment industry. The young man has successfully broken into other nation’s music industries, as well as unites Botswana’s music industry with other country’s music industries in Africa. Odirile has had an impressive amount of impactful charity work in the nation of Botswana. Indeed the young artist’s grandfather had a vision regarding his grandson’s future when naming him, as the young man has indeed done a great deal.

As Mampeezy’s grandfather, known and called by his birth name Albert Motate Sento, and nicknamed si molekane and yo worse yo, has departed, the nation stands with the Sento family as they have lost a legend and an impactful man in their nation. A man who has lived a fruitful life up to the age of 92, and was able to watch the fruit of his hard work as his family grew and progressed.

He will not only be remembered as Vee’s grandfather but as a man who has left a mark of his own in this nation, he has served, he has lived and left the work for those who come behind him. The deceased Albert Sento has left incredibly big shoes to fill and a very high mark to meet.

As the Sento family lays their pillar to rest, the nation of Botswana shows support and have gone into mourning with the Sento’s. His grandson’s fans have shown how the deceased life is worth celebrating, as he was a commendable man. They have shared that although loss comes with grieve the late Albert’s departure should come with celebration to his life rather immerse sorrowful mourning.




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