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Vee Mampeezy, the singer of the hit song "Taku Taku," recently used his social media accounts to make a significant news on the "Last Man Standing" event scheduled for December 10 of this year.

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Vee is prepared to grasp the hands of the talented upcoming artists to help them become renowned and pave the way for them. He has made a commitment to himself to encourage his colleagues in the creative business and has committed to fill the stadium with them.
Pic Credit: Facebook/Vee Mampeezy

Additionally to performing with them on this specific day, Vee has added that the best performing artist on this day will receive a seven-seater car as reward. He continued by saying that in his line of work, a means of transportation is very necessary to get from point A to point B.

The popular singer Vee Mampeezy has additionally vowed to donate 10% of the revenues from this performance to charity, but this time in the shape of a house that will be constructed for a member of society who is less fortunate.

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The event was favorably appreciated by the general public as well as his fans. Congratulations and great excitement about the event have been flooding in from South Africa and Zimbabwe, which lies over the border.

Makhadzi and other fans congratulating Vee

Makhadzisa personally congratulated Mampeezy on his Facebook page, mentioning how Vee has been promoting Botswana for such a long time in her remarks. On Mampeezy's facebook page, Makhadzisa took it upon herself to personally congratulate him. She also mentioned how Vee has been serving Botswana for such a long time with such excellence.

Vee Mpeezy and Makhadzi have been each other's supporters for a while, and their bond has grown stronger with the publication of their most recent single, Ukondelela.

Photo Credit : Vee Mampeezy/Facebook

He said the event will also showcase masterpieces and performances from all minority groups from across the country.

Even though Vee Mampeezy is well established in his business, he has frequently been criticized for failing to assist up-and-coming artists and for being egotistical and self-centered. The kwaito kwasa star Mingo seems to have a lot to say about Vee Mampeezy and how he has let down young musicians.

One of the performers in the nation that has benefited from Vee Mampeezy since he entered the music industry is Mingo. He charged Vee Mampeezy with abandoning his own people and consistently prioritizing himself.

Main Picture Credit ; Vee Mampeezy / Facebook

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